Where You Can Find the Arby's Seared Duck Breast Sandwich

Anyone interested the Arby's seared duck breast sandwich can give it a try October 20 in select locations throughout the United States.
Where You Can Find the Arby's Seared Duck Breast Sandwich

Waterfowl hunters likely won't go to a fast-food restaurant known for sandwiches with gloppy, melted cheese slathered on them, but folks interested in the Arby's seared duck breast sandwich can get their fill this weekend.

The fast-food chain on Oct. 20 will roll out another autumn hunting-inspired sandwich dreamed up by the company's food chemist-taste-creator-scientist-eater people. They've done this with elk and deer the past few years, too.

This year Arby's says "We tip our hats to the men and women of the marsh, chasing the sunrise to set their decoys and patiently waiting for the fowl to fly in."

The company describes its sandwich as "A premium duck breast, smoked cherry sauce, crispy onions, all on a signature Arby's bun." It's farm-raised duck, of course, because wild duck can't be sold and no one with Arby's has been putting in overtime in Canada the last few weeks knocking down boatloads of "fowl" for the promotion.

The duck breasts are coming from Maple Leaf Farms in central Tennessee. It's a commercial operation with an eye on sustainability. Visit the farm's site to find out more about it, and get some cool recipes too.

I've had plenty of farm-raised duck in restaurants and it's not bad. The key, of course, is whether the breast is cooked properly. For me, that's seared on the outside and rare on the inside. Wild or farm-raised duck is good with me. I like just about anything.

If you want one of these sandwiches you'll have to look hard. If you find a location that has them, Arby's says they're in very limited quantities on October 20. The bold italics was their doing, not mine. They had the same with the deer and elk; both sold out quickly.

Here are the cities with the promotion: Cambridge, Maryland; Summerville, South Carolina; Wyomissing, Pennsylvania; Atlanta (Roswell); Pearland, Texas; Kalispell, Montana; Great Bend, Kansas; Lincoln, Nebraska; Marshall, Missouri; Jonesboro, Arkansas; Lafayette, Louisiana; Onalaska, Wisconsin; Carson City, Nevada; Brigham City, Utah; Chico, California; Happy Valley Oregon.

Hey, it's a promotion and does well for the company, which is teaming up with Ducks Unlimited for a conservation donation as well. These cities are in the four waterfowl migration flyways, so I don't know if any actual duck hunters will put 10 or more bucks on a sandwich. But kudos to Arby's for doing this the past few years.




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