VIDEO: LA Market Sells Raccoons

Health officials are examining a Los Angeles food market because it was selling frozen raccoons (in the fur)!

Los Angeles County health inspectors are looking into reports of Metro Market selling raccoons for food. Inspectors were tipped off after a customer shot cell-phone video of the frozen raccoons (in the fur) and posted it to social media.

Store employees say that they’ve been selling raccoon for years and that it’s a delicacy in China. At $9.99 per pound, that must be true!

Health officials say that it might be perfectly legal to sell the raccoon, but they don’t know for sure. The Metro Market has stopped selling the small mammals until they get word from the county health department.

With low fur prices this year, I’m sure trappers would be more than happy to supply the market with all the fresh raccoon they want, especially at $9.99 per pound (and you don’t even have to skin them)!


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