Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Elk 3-D Target

Designed for elk bowhunters who want realistic 3-D practice without transporting a massive target, Rinehart introduces its 1/3 Scale Woodland Elk.

Rinehart 1/3 Scale Woodland Elk 3-D Target

The new 1/3 Scale Woodland Elk Target has lifelike sculpted features, but it’s much smaller than a real bull elk. The target is 38 inches tall and 44 inches long (simulated weight of 180 pounds) — about one-third the size of a live bull elk.

Because of the smaller scale, this 3-D elk target simulates a 60-yard shot when the bowhunter stands only 20 yards away. This enables a bowhunter to mimic a long shot on an elk in the confines of a small backyard. The smaller size also aids in transportation. 

The 1/3 Elk target has solid FX Woodland Foam construction and incorporates Rinehart’s Signature Series foam replaceable core. This patented, locking insert system (replaceable core sold separately) makes replacement easy. 

While a full-sized Signature Series 3-D elk target (simulates a 600-pound bull) from Rinehart is typically priced at $1,500, the new 1/3 Elk has a suggested retail price of $220.

For more information, visit www.rinehart3d.com.

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