2020 Obsession Bows Have Arrived

Obsession says its new 4-Track cam delivers the most adjustable and tunable bow in the company’s history.

2020 Obsession Bows Have Arrived

2020 Obsession Evolution XS

Obsession Bows has a long history of identifying what hunters and target shooters want in their compound bows. They also have a long list of new bows for 2020 with a host of new features.

    • 4-Track Cam System: Obsession’s new 4-Track Cam features an integrated yoke system to balance limb tip load and correct cam lean for easy tuning.
    • Rotating Module System: An easily adjustable Rotating Module System allows for quick draw length adjustments in half-inch increments without the need for a bow press.
    • One-piece Limb Pocket: Single construction design improves alignment for increased shot accuracy.
    • Roller Guard and String Stop: Combined, the new system delivers an ultra-silent draw. Plus, an adjustable cable rod delivers increased arrow clearance and tunability.
    • Ergonomic Grip: In an effort to make the bows even more comfortable and accurate, the grip location and design have been modified for ultimate comfort and reduced hand torque.
    2020 Obsession Final Pro X4T
    2020 Obsession Final Pro X4T

    Six New Models for 2020

    • 2020 Evolution XS — 31.5 inches axle-to-axle (ATA) and 6-inch brace height with new 4-Track cam system producing high speeds and a smooth draw cycle in an extremely compact design.
    • 2020 Evolution 6 — 33 inches ATA and 6-inch brace height with new 4-Track cam system producing high speeds and a smooth draw cycle while providing extreme let off.
    • 2020 Evolution 7 — 33 inches ATA and 7-inch brace height with new 4-Track cam system producing high speeds and smooth draw for shooters seeking longer draw lengths or a larger brace height.
    • 2020 Evolution XL — At 35.25 inches ATA and with a 6.5-inch brace height, the XL delivers the ultimate in stability and forgiveness, making this a great target and hunting crossover bow.
    • 2020 Lawless 4T — 33 inches ATA and 5.125-inch brace height. This is a true performance bow delivering speeds up to 360 fps. Plus, the 4-Track cam system makes the Lawless super smooth.
    • 2020 Final Pro X4T — 38.25-inch axle to axle length making this bow the perfect competition bow, plus the rock solid new 4-Track cam allows holding for the perfect shot.

    MSRP: $999.99/each of the six models. For more information on Obsession’s 2020 bow lineup, visit www.obsessionbows.com.

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