Video Clip: Drone Flies With Landing Ducks

If you’re a waterfowl hunter, then you’ll appreciate this incredible drone video that captures a large group of ducks — mallards specifically — as they lock their wings and drop their landing gear.

Video Clip: Drone Flies With Landing Ducks
Camera (and dog!) at the ready, Matthew Bielski hides in standing corn while waiting for mallards. (Photo by Robin May)
Camera (and dog!) at the ready, Matthew Bielski hides in standing corn while waiting for mallards. (Photo by Robin May)

Matthew Bielski (right) is a digital creator from Illinois. On Dec. 12, 2022, he posted the 11-second video below to his Facebook page.

“Welcome to one of my dream/bucket list shots,” wrote Bielski. “I still can’t believe I got it after all these years of trying! I always try to push the limit of creativity and what I can see in the lens, but this one is now at the top.”

Bielski shot the video with a DJI Mavic 2 drone, and when asked why the drone stopped recording when it did, he explained, “Actually it lost transmission and I thought I lost the drone, so I slammed it straight up and the transmission came back 1.5 seconds later. I flew that thing back to me as fast as possible to make sure I had the clip haha.”

P.S. Bielski is part of the team at Lastcall Waterfowl, “An outdoor media and lifestyle clothing company focused on changing the industry standards and outlook on cinematography. Our roots go back to 2007 when a group of dedicated waterfowl hunters decided to take our passion to the next level in an effort to bring back the sportsmanship of hunting.

“What began as a hobby photographing and videoing snowboarding and skating, has since evolved into showing how we as hunters live our lives. The lifestyle clothing line offers comfortable, stylish, and affordable clothing perfect for in and out of the blind.

“There is a drive that we as outdoorsmen share to bring the ultimate experience to our viewers - the willingness to give up a limit of birds, sit countless hours through treacherous weather conditions, and travel across the country to achieve the perfect shot.”

Note: Be sure to hit “click to enter fullscreen” for best viewing. You can turn up the volume to hear the music that Bielski paired with the clip. According to Bielski, the drone didn’t capture good audio.


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