Video: James Jean’s Insane — and New — Archery Trick Shots

Archery trick shot artist James Jean continues to push the envelope of what’s possible with his recurve.

Video: James Jean’s Insane — and New — Archery Trick Shots

With all due respect to legendary archers such as Howard Hill, Fred Bear and Byron Ferguson, when it comes to trick shots, James Jean is in a class by himself.

I’ve highlighted James Jean’s skills with a recurve previously on this website, but because he continues to amaze with new and innovative tricks, I think it’s worthwhile to showcase him again. As I watched the 4-minute YouTube video below, I had to rewind and rewatch certain shots several times to fully understand what I was seeing.

I used the word “insane” in the title of this article because I can think of no other description for what Jean is able to accomplish with his Hoyt recurve bow. I won’t play the role of spoiler and dissect any one of his tricks before you hit the play button; simply watch and be surprised and amazed.


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