5 More Crazy-Cool Cakes From Sugarbelle Sweets

Dusty Sinclair of Sugarbelle Sweets in Corpus Christi, Texas, creates the absolute best in outdoor-themed custom cakes.

5 More Crazy-Cool Cakes From Sugarbelle Sweets

Three times in the past I’ve written about the amazing cakes designed by Dusty Sinclair of Sugarbelle Sweets in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Because her company occasionally appears on my Facebook news feed, I see some of her latest creations. Below I’m showcasing pics with descriptive captions of five more crazy-cool cakes that recently caught my eye.

Sculpted life-sized feral hog chocolate cake on a cinnamon streusel topping rocky dirt mound. It’s paired with prickly pear/pin cushion chocolate cactus with isomalt thorns.

Sculpted chocolate drake wood duck cake. Sinclair wrote, “Seriously the prettiest duck in all the land! I have always had a love for wood ducks. Coming from a family of avid hunters, my Papa used to have the most beautiful mount of a wood duck he harvested. When I was little, he would pick me up and let me admire it on the wall. Duck themed cakes are seriously my favorite. They are all so very different and contain so many tiny details. No filter needed for this little stud woody showing off his vibrant colors.”

Four-foot-long life-sized Axis deer cinnamon streusel cake. Sinclair said this groom’s cake was for someone special, Justin Menchaca, “one of America’s military heroes who served our beautiful country.”

Texas-themed scene: sculpted armadillo red velvet cake paired with a chocolate sculpted western diamondback rattlesnake, and a sculpted whitetail European skull chocolate cake. Cinnamon streusel topping edible dirt mound paired with chocolate prickly pear and pin cushion cactus cake. Sinclair: “Loved every little/ big detail that went into this cake scene. So very thankful for such awesome customers who let me live my dream. You guys are the best!”

Sinclair: “Everyone meet Fast! Black Labrador retriever, oh and did I mention he’s cake! Sculpted black Labrador retriever chocolate cake with custom collar. Paired with a chocolate banded drake pintail. Most epic groom’s cake surprise ever!

Click here to check out her FAQ page for more info on whether she delivers (Yes! — in Texas) and other frequently asked questions.


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