Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow

As crossbow hunting explodes, Carbon Express introduces The Intercept Axon, the world's first totally customizable crossbow.
Carbon Express Intercept Axon Crossbow

Carbon Express — the world's leading manufacturer of premium crossbolts — announces the introduction of a new, breakthrough line of crossbows, designed to help every type of hunter "Shoot Better."

The showstopper of the new lineup is the revolutionary Intercept series. The new Intercept isn't just a new type of crossbow. It's an entirely new hunting concept, featuring an exclusive, groundbreaking Picatinny platform that accommodates most military and commercial spec AR parts. So unlike other crossbows, the Intercept has unlimited potential for customization. Hunters can use the 29 inches of Picatinny rail to customize the top, forearm and stock sections. Or simply shoot it right out of the box.

Experienced hunters know that the key to replicating performance is having the right fit. The engineers at Carbon Express designed the Intercept to enable hunters to customize the length-of-pull to help deliver consistent performance and overall accuracy. In addition, the Intercept is a compact 13.5" axle-to-axle when cocked, making it easy to handle in tight spots like a tree stand or ground blind.

Hunters will be particularly excited about the New Intercept Axon, which comes loaded with top-of-the line components plus a 6-position tactical AR stock that us fully adjustable to fit any shooting style, any occasion, any hunter. All of the features of the Intercept Axon work together to deliver the ultimate in custom fit and performance.

"The Intercept Axon takes crossbow hunting to a whole new level," said Rob Eastman, CEO of Eastman Outdoors. "As the maker of the world's finest crossbolts, we knew that our first line of crossbows had to build upon our legacy of innovation, performance and precision. Nobody's expectations were higher than my own; and I have to say, our engineers over- delivered with the Intercept Axon."

Celebrity hunters are also excited about the Intercept Axon. Some of the lucky few to have "test-driven" prototypes include Pigman, host of the #1 reality TV hunting show, as well as the Outdoor Channel's Shawn Michaels and Keith Mark. All have partnered with Carbon Express to endorse the Intercept series of crossbows, and are currently filming new segments that showcase the bow in action.

"Our goal has been singular — to introduce a line of best in class crossbows worthy of the Carbon Express brand name." Rob Eastman added. "We think the Intercept Axon not only opens a new era for crossbows, but will redefine the sport."

The Intercept AXON kit comes complete with 3 Maxima Blue Streak 20" crossbolts; rope cocker; quick detach 3 arrow quiver with side bracket; rail lubricant; 3 practice points and 4 x 32 glass-etched reticle lighted scope.

Intercept Axon Crossbow Specs:

  • 360+ Feet Per Second
  • 122ft-lb. Kinetic Energy
  • 175lbs. Draw Weight
  • 13 ½" Power Stroke
  • 8.3 lbs. Weight
  • 30 ¼" to 35"
  • 13 ½" (cocked) 17" (uncocked)
  • 12" to 17 ½" Length of Pull

MSRP: $999.00


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