Product Profile: Arrow Precision Crossbows

Led by the new value-packed Inferno Firestorm package, this well-rounded lineup is a must-see for dealers and consumers alike.

Product Profile: Arrow Precision Crossbows

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arrow precision inferno crossbow
Arrow Precision Inferno Firestorm Crossbow

Arrow Precision was formed in the U.S. in 2005 out of Arrow Precision Limited in the U.K., which has been around for more than 20 years. Initially, the U.S. and U.K. companies were focused primarily on paintball supplies. As the paintball sector began to dwindle, Arrow Precision’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Mark Ambrose, saw an opportunity to both keep the company in the black and get back to his roots—archery, and crossbows in particular. “I began developing the line in 2006. By November or December of 2008 the line was finally ready, and Arrow Precision launched [in the U.S.] with several crossbow models and youth bows, meeting several different price points,” says Ambrose.

At the time, with the economy falling, Ambrose realized the need for different-price-point models that more consumers could afford.

“In response to the economy, we launched the Fury crossbow, which turned out to be wildly successful,” Ambrose recalled. “The Fury showed that the consumer was looking for a $199 package that performed.”

Using the Fury as a basis, Arrow Precision started expanding the line with the intent of targeting various price ranges with varying options. Currently, there are six different models to fit every archer’s wallet and requirements.

“Even our top model, which favorably compares to models costing well over $1,000, carries only a minimum advertised price of $649,” Ambrose said. “This is for an entire package shooting 375 fps, which still allows the dealer to make a healthy margin while striking a favorable nerve with the consumer.”

The 2011 line includes the Inferno Fury, coming in at a cool $199. After the Fury, the line moves to the new-for-2011 Inferno Blitz, sliding in at $299. The Blitz performs well at 285 fps.

“The Blitz is a great product for the archer who isn’t ready to shell out for the top-of-theline model, but does not want to feel as if he is purchasing the most-basic, entry-level model either,” Ambrose said. “The Blitz is a compound design, allowing the consumer to walk around with other people he may be shooting or hunting with and not feel as though his equipment may be an inferior product.”

Last year, Arrow Precision introduced the Wildfire and the Hellfire models. Both are built on the same platform and use a similar rear stock and the same trigger mechanism set at a comfortable but crisp 3.5 pounds, machined risers and anti-dry-fire mechanisms. The difference is in the limbs. The Wildfire features 225-pound recurved limbs, while the Hellfire utilizes 185-pound limbs and a compound design. Both are rated at about 330 fps. The other main difference is in price, with the Wildfire retailing around $429 and the Hellfire generally carrying a $499 street price.

The ground-breaking Inferno Firestorm is the real story for 2011.

“Performance-wise, the Firestorm is hard to beat,” Ambrose said. “It ranks in probably the top-three performance bows in the industry, shooting 375 fps with the stock arrows that come standard with the bow. Unlike some companies that have been known to ‘play with the numbers,’ the Firestorm will perform at this level, right out of the box, with the arrows we supply. Although the Blitz will likely be our top seller this year due to its price, the Firestorm will come in at number two due to the value it provides at $649—you just can’t touch it.”

Admittedly, the Firestorm is a great value and speed not only kills—it sells. The Firestorm’s ability to push a 20-inch carbon arrow—tipped with a 100-grain point—a scorching 375 feet per second is sure to get the consumer’s attention. This is accomplished in large part due to the Firestorm’s 14 inches of power stroke and Precision Radical Cams. The Firestorm does carry a hefty 200-pound draw, but for those looking to make life a little easier, Arrow Precision offers a smooth, easy-to-operate crank cocking device as an additional accessory. Other notable features are the 3.5-pound trigger with built-in anti-dryfi re mechanism. The auto safety is ambidextrous, friendly to both right- and left-handed shooters.

The Inferno Firestorm comes as a complete package for $649 including an illuminated 4x32 multi-reticle scope. “The illuminated scope alone runs $150. And for the money, you can’t find comparable performance for less than twice the money with another brand name,” Ambrose emphasizes. Also included are a quick-detach quiver, four carbon bolts, a rope cocking device, a padded shoulder sling and rail lube—and it’s decked out in Next G1 Camo.

Arrow Precision has chosen a distributer-oriented sales structure.

“Our sales distribution model allows the ‘mom-and-pop’ dealer to buy our product at a wholesale price and still retain a strong margin without feeling like it is getting killed by the ‘big box’ stores,” Ambrose explained. “We have put our trust in the distributor network (Jerry’s, Papes, Kinseys, Hicks, Ferris Bros., Henry’s NBF, Sports Inc., Arro, etc.), and thus far we feel as though they have done a great job for us. This has enabled us to streamline our in-house staff, creating savings that we can then pass along.”

Moving forward, Arrow Precision has rededicated its commitment to customer service.

“If a consumer calls us with a problem, we will likely have to go through the standard questions to determine if it should be classified as a warranty issue,” Ambrose said. “However, when a dealer who is selling our product contacts us, we immediately get him the part he needs and worry about the other issues later. As a smaller company, we understand the dealer’s need to provide resolution to his customer in a quick, efficient manner, and we are dedicated to helping make that happen.”

For more contact Arrow Precision at (610) 437-7138;

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