Update! Michigan Bobcat Hunt Part 2

Toby Shaw is on a hunt for a huge bobcat but hunting season ends next week! Will he score? Come along on his hunt!
Update! Michigan Bobcat Hunt Part 2

bobcat huntingThe Hoyt is shooting great and I have fine-tuned my Easton arrows and Bloodrunners. All I need to do is freshen the bait one more time and call the taxidermist!

WOW! I’m really surprised how torn up things are around the bait. I have 1,596 pictures on my trailcam… Most of them are crows but I've gotten a couple more of eagles that have been visiting. The big cat is showing up during daylight hours three days in a row, and two small cats have yet to show up during the daylight. Seems backwards. Now how many times does that happen? Mature critters just don’t cooperate like that!

Didn’t sleep much that last night…But I’m guess I’m not surprised. Picked Jeff up at 12:30 and headed to the woods. It’s pretty cold today but our excitement is keeping us warm! The crows we scared off have not come back yet. After 3 hours on the stand I’m pretty focused on the bait pile… I just know anytime he is going to show up! After 6 and a ½ hours on the stand and it’s dark we call it for the day…bummed out but looking forward to the hunt tomorrow afternoon.

Driving the 4-wheeler out made us really aware of how cold it was and I was very happy to see the truck. I put the 4-wheeler into neutral and then it happen… I heard a snap and it wouldn’t go into forward gear—reverse worked, so we were at least able to load them. As we were loading the quad up backwards I started thinking about how we were going to get back to the blind tomorrow. Without a ride, it was going to be tough.

After two weld jobs on the broken part and a lot of frustration we were not able to hunt the next day. I was in such a bad mood my wife sent me to my mom’s house for an attitude adjustment!

With a new attitude and a borrowed snowmobile I went into check the baits and pull the SD card. YUP… you guessed it, the big cat was at the bait pile at 3:07!

That’s all the motivation I needed… it’s personal now.

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