Axcel Introduces Revolutionary New AccuTouch Slider Sight

Patent-pending Accu-Clicks engage when you turn the wheel, making it easy for you to adjust the sight to the correct yardage from a distance.
Axcel Introduces Revolutionary New AccuTouch Slider Sight

T.R.U. Ball Archery has a long history of listening to its customers and producing the kinds of products that archers and bowhunters want. Under its Axcel brand, the company also offers a line of high-quality—and customer-pleasing—sights.

New for 2015 from Axcel is the AccuTouch Slider Sight. This innovative sight is packed with the kinds of technologies and features you would expect from T.R.U. Ball and Axcel. What makes this sight such a game changer? It’s the ability to “Pick it, Click it and Stick it.”

The AccuTouch’s patent-pending Elevation Tension Lever gives you the ability to “pick” how quickly or how much tension you want when turning the sight wheel. If you want it to turn fast, choose less tension. Want it to turn more slowly? A quick adjustment of this red lever will give you more tension.

This stealthy sight also allows you to make quick and easy adjustments without pulling the bow toward you. Patent-pending Accu-Clicks engage when you turn the wheel, making it easy for you to adjust the sight to the correct yardage from a distance. In addition, you can easily see the sight tape from a distance on the 45-degree rear-facing platform. 

The Accu-Clicks (the “Click it” part of the equation) act just like the sight pins on a multi-pin sight. You choose the yardages where you want the Accu-Clicks to be set. You could, for example, have them set at 10-yard increments. By alternating the Accu-Clicks on both sides of the adjustment plane, you could also set them for every 5 yards.

Many sights require you to sight in at specific yardages, like 20 and 60 yards or 30 and 60 yards. That’s great if you’re accurate out to 60 yards. But consider this: the average shooters 60-yard group is the size of a pie plate. How accurate will your sight tape be if you’re starting with a pie-plate grouping?

The AccuTouch Slider Sight lets you choose two yardages at which you feel comfortable, whether that’s 20 and 50 yards or 20 and 30 yards, making it incredibly accurate.

And finally comes the best part: Stick it. Axcel manufactures top tournament sights, and the company has engineered this multi-pin hunting sight to be as accurate as a single-pin tournament sight. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

With the AccuTouch, you can adjust all of the axes – 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The solid 2nd and 3rd axes are easily adjusted near the scope with markings to help keep it all aligned accurately. And the AccuTouch Slider also gives you the ability to accurately adjust the 1st axis – no shims needed.

A windage lock protects your right and left movement during spot-and-stalk hunts and treks to your treestand.

The AccuTouch Slider Sight is available in three models: the AccuTouch Single-Pin Slider Sight, which features a lightweight, aluminum standard-mount extension bar; the AccuTouch HD Single-Pin Slider, which boasts a Mathews Harmonic Damper for added vibration-dampening, and the AccuTouch Carbon Pro Single-Pin Slider, which utilizes an advanced carbon composite material for the ultimate blend of light weight, strength and flexibility.

The AccuTouch Single-Pin Slider Sight and AccuTouch HD are paired with Axcel’s popular X-41 scope housing and a .019 or .010 green fiber-optics ring pin. The X-41 hourglass-shaped scope housing – as well as the X-31 scope housing available on the Carbon Pro model – allows a true center vision by opening the ends of the scope housing to allow a more perfect circle of vision (up to 5 degrees). The YCS connector provides easy alignment when leveling your sight, even offering a location for you to screw in a 3/8 x 32 pitch sight light.

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