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Which doe do I shoot?

Which doe should I shoot?

Which doe should I shoot? Seems obvious enough. The biggest one, right? Not so fast. It’s more complex than you might think and the answer is liberating.

whitetail deer facts

Top 10 Whitetail Deer Facts

How many whitetail deer facts do you have filed away in that hunter’s head of yours? Here’s one: by day five of a deer’s life, they can already outrun man.

mule deer vs. whitetail deer

Mule deer vs. whitetail deer

While mule deer get their common name from those big mule-like ears, whitetails get theirs from the completely white underside of their overly-large tail. There are other differences too from facial distinctions to the gait of each animal.

what do elk eat

What do elk eat?

Elk eat trees, shrubs and other plant-based foods. They’re big fans of wild mushrooms and they love the licks. Licks, you say? Plus, any idea how many pounds of food an 800-pound elk eats in a day?