Epic Adventure Video: DIY Float Hunt for Two Alaska Moose!

Planning a DIY adventure for Alaska moose is a tremendous undertaking, but these two bowhunters push the limits to a level that must be seen to be believed.

Epic Adventure Video: DIY Float Hunt for Two Alaska Moose!

Whenever I’ve been asked to name my ultimate bucket list hunt, I’m quick to answer — an archery adventure for Alaska/Yukon moose. The fact is, I’m likely too old to pull off a DIY bowhunt with friends. My buddies and I are in decent shape, but weren’t triathletes. And I don’t earn enough money to book a guided bowhunt for this species. Prices for a 10-day hunt start at $28,000.

But it’s still fun to dream.

In the 19-minute YouTube video below from Hunt Fish Kauai, the two bowhunters (above) embark on a DIY adventure for Alaska moose (mid- to late-September 2022). The setting is the Brooks Range in northern Alaska, and their plan is to explore a new river. By “new” they mean a river that receives little to no hunting pressure because of its remote location.

How remote?

The two bowhunters are dropped by float plane on a lake, then must portage/drag all of their gear — including two inflatable rafts — approximately 6 miles through the bush to access their destination river. In total, they spend 11 days in the wilderness and float more than 50 miles.

I’m hesitant to describe any more of their adventure because I don’t want to play the role of spoiler. I think it’s best for you to watch the events unfold and be surprised, as I was, with the supreme challenges they had to ultimately overcome. And yes, the guys kill two big bulls. The encounters are thrilling — and the video quality is top-notch. Enjoy!


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