Top 10 Bowhunting World Stories of 2018

Do you have a favorite archery article from the past year? We’ve checked the numbers, and here are the top 10 Bowhunting World stories of 2018.

Top 10 Bowhunting World Stories of 2018

As this year comes to a close, we’d like to take a few moments to look back at the top 10 Bowhunting World stories of 2018. These are the articles you clicked on, liked and shared the most during the past 12 months. Did your favorite make the list?

10: New World Record Coues Deer (Non-Typical)

Articles about record-size bucks, bulls or bears are always popular with Bowhunting World readers, and this one was no exception. In the case of this buck, a special panel of judges from the Pope & Young Club met to score a massive non-typical Coues deer tagged by a bowhunter in Arizona. 

9: Bow Report: Wicked Ridge Invader X4

No matter where to stand regarding the crossbow debate, these easy-to-use and effective hunting tools are here to stay. If you're in the market for a high-performance and affordable crossbow, the Invader X4 from Wicked Ridge would make an excellent choice.

8: 4 Giant 2018 Bow Bucks

Some hunters need a bit of inspiration to climb into the treestand each weekend, and this article provided just the spark for many of our readers. Check out these four giant bow bucks from 2018. 

7: Are You Aiming at the Wrong Spot on a Broadside Whitetail?

This article was sure to be the topic of conversation at deer camps across the country. Do you aim a few inches behind a broadside deer’s near front leg and low on its chest? If so, the author says that’s a bad idea.

6: 10 Best Budget Bows for 2018

Any story that showcases bows that perform at a high level but won’t break the bank rank high with Bowhunting World readers. Whether you’re a farmland deer hunter or a backcountry elk addict, here are 10 budget bows from 2018 that you can trust.

5: Hunting Ethics: What Would You Do?

Start talking about hunting ethics and readers are sure to tune in. No doubt that’s why this story cracked our top five for the year. When it comes to hunting regulations, do you pick and choose which ones to follow? Do circumstances dictate your behavior in the field?

4: New for 2019: Hoyt RX-3 and Helix

Stories about flagship bows are tremendously popular with our readers. In this first-look article, we showcased two new high-performance rigs from Hoyt, the RX-3 and Helix. 

3: First Look and Field Test: 2019 Bowtech Realm SS

The only thing better than a first look is an actual field test. In this popular article, Editor-in-Chief Jace Bauserman got his hands on the 2019 Bowtech Realm SS. Here were his first impressions on this super-smooth new flagship.

2: Best Bow Releases for 2018

Some golfers regularly change putters hoping to better their scores or beat the yips, and likewise, some bowhunters regularly change releases hoping to increase their accuracy or beat target panic. Whatever the case, this article about best bow releases ranked No. 2 in our list of most popular articles from 2018. 

1: New Bow Review: 2019 Mathews VERTIX

As stated earlier, articles about flagship bows are wildly popular with readers of Bowhunting World. Each year those hunters wait patiently for word about the new flagship from Mathews Archery, and in November and December 2018 they couldn’t get enough of this story by Editor-in-Chief Jace Bauserman. Here, he provided a first look and field test of the new-for-2019 VERTIX.


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