First Look and Field Test: 2019 Bowtech Realm SS

Bowhunting World Editor-in-Chief Jace Bauserman recently got his hands on the 2019 Bowtech Realm SS. Here are his first impressions on this super-smooth new flagship.
First Look and Field Test: 2019 Bowtech Realm SS

We know Bowtech doesn’t do normal. Normal doesn’t make jaws drop. Normal gets forgotten. What Bowtech does do, and has been doing successfully for years, is craft legendary bows that are long on performance and bubbling with ground-breaking technology. Guess what? They did it again. Enter the new-for-2019 Bowtech Realm SS.

The SS stands for Super Smooth, and though my test bow arrived with the poundage maxed at exactly 73 pounds, this beauty was smoother than aged bourbon. More on this in a bit.

Bowtech Realm SS

Bowtech Realm SS Features

At first glance, the bow is undeniably Bowtech, and no doubt a member of the Realm Family. The infamous OverDrive Binary Cams, Clutch Performance Grip, FLX Guard, CP Dual Lock Pockets, Solid-Core Limbs and Orbit Dampener standout. I was thrilled to see these coveted-on-my-2018-Realm features back. In addition, this Smart Bow, of course, boasts PowerShift technology, allowing the archer to easily customize the draw cycle. All that’s required to make a change is an Allen wrench and the “shift” of the pair of Flip Disc mods.

At 32-inches axle to axle, the Realm SS, at least for me, hits a sweet spot in length. And though the bow was specifically engineered by Bowtech to be baby-butt-smooth, it packs a serious punch. Branded with a 337 fps rating, this 6-inch brace height beauty pushed my 411.4-grain Gold Tip Kinetic Pierce 340 arrows at a very respectable 291 fps. This was with the bow set at a 29-inch draw, turned down to exactly 70 pounds and the cams were set in the Comfort setting. The added weight system to the OverDrive Binary Cams is a big reason a bow this smooth can still produce excellent speed.

Shoot this bow once — just once — and it will instantly make you happy. Bowtech wanted smooth ... well, mission accomplished. And not only did they accomplish it, in my opinion, the Realm SS sets a new standard in smoothness of draw. The cams simply roll over and before you know it, viola, you’re anchored and burning a pin on the target. I love it. This bow allows me to simply focus on the shot.

At the shot, the bow is dead. I know. I know. And, we as writers are partly to blame. We use the word “dead” a lot when describing the vibration-free nature of a bow, even when a bow may tickle the hand a tad upon release. This bow doesn’t. It is as hushed and vibration free as they come. Again, you are simply going to have to shoot this bow to believe how smooth it is, and how that smoothness holds from the moment you clip on your D-loop to the moment your arrow is fired. It’s a phenomenal system and another win for Bowtech.

Bowtech Realm SS

Bowtech Realm SS Accuracy

When it comes to accuracy, the bow is a tack driver. The reason for this is twofold. First, the OverDrive Binary Cam System makes tuning a breeze, and the CP Dual Lock System ties the entire package together. Second, because the bow is so smooth, quiet and vibration free, it builds shooting confidence quickly.

The 4.3-pound Realm SS is draw-length adjustable between 25 and 31 inches, and is offered in peak weights of 50, 60 and 70 pounds. Finish options are many, and include: Black, Brown Country Roots, Flat Dark Earth, Mossy Oak Break-Up Country, Kryptek Altitude and Optifade Subalpine.

In addition to testing the 2019 Bowtech Realm SS on my cold and snowy backyard range, I also stepped inside my local archery shop to fire several arrows. To really get a feel for how smooth and quiet this new bow is during draw and release, check out the video below. I think you’ll be impressed.


I can’t wait to get this beauty in the field in the coming months and let it lead me down a few blood trails. What about you? What are your thoughts on this new Bowtech bow? I want to hear from you; drop me a line at

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Bowtech Realm SS

Photos by Jace Bauserman

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