How About Some CrossFit?

Backcountry bowhunters — and hunters in general — would benefit from incorporating a CrossFit regimen into their fitness routine.
How About Some CrossFit?

The CrossFit craze is red-hot, and that fire burns hotter and grows bigger with each passing day. Already being heralded by throngs of fitness experts as the “best” fitness program ever created, this varied functional movement program appeals to the masses. Why? First, the workouts are based on movements that reflect the most positive aspects of running, climbing, biking, swimming, weightlifting, gymnastics and more. Also, because the workouts are designed to be run at such a high-tempo, CrossFit goers can get an amazing workout in 20 minutes. Second, because the workouts are ever-changing, CrossFit doesn’t getting boring or redundant.

Why Should You Do CrossFit?

According to Jake Pruyn, a CrossFit expert and the owner of Jake’s Gym in La Junta, Colorado, CrossFit makes everyday life easier and is growing in popularity because of its data-driven results approach.

The exercises that CrossFit incorporates are life’s core movements — movements we use every single day. According to Pruyn, once you get into the program, CrossFit makes you more fluid and athletic when making these movements.

“Your legs, back and core get stronger – stronger meaning cleaner, better movements and less pain in these areas,”Pruyn said. “Plus, because the program is driven by constantly trying to outdo your last workout by cutting time, doing more reps and the like, it really gets in people’s blood. Keep a journal of your workouts and your times. You’ll soon see what I mean about getting addicted to crushing your previous goals.”

According to Pruyn, the CrossFit group at his gym has tripled over the last few months.

“We have people coming in of all sizes, shapes and ability levels, and everyone is seeing results,”Pruyn said. “Some are coming in just to get in better life shape. Others are looking to start competing in Spartan-like races and other competitions. It’s really exciting. And for those that don’t have a lot of time in their day, this is the perfect program. When you use this program and incorporate it with a clean diet, you will get shredded like never before.”

Most gyms have daily CrossFit programs listed on whiteboards or walls, but if yours doesn’t, don’t let that stop you. Simply go to YouTube and type in “CrossFit Workouts” into the search engine box. You will get everything from beginner’s workouts to those that are more advanced.


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