Bow Report: Mathews Drenalin

Norb Mullaney puts the Mathews Drenalin through an in-depth test to find out more about this hunting bow.
Bow Report: Mathews Drenalin

Mathews Drenalin Bow Report

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Mathews Drenalin Bow ReportAs I recall, Mathews first introduced a bow with what is known as “parallel limb action” when it replaced its outstanding “LX” model with the Outback in 2004. Since that point the company produced several very successful bows, namely the Outback, the Switchback, the Switchback XT, and now the latest model, the Drenalin, for 2007. In the quest for minimum hand shock and maximum quietness, the master designer from Sparta and his crew surrendered a few points of dynamic efficiency and a little performance to achieve these very desirable goals. But that was before the Drenalin! With the Drenalin they have recovered all of the performance and all but a percentage point of dynamic efficiency without giving up any of the smoothness, shock reduction, and quietness previously achieved. Let’s take a look at the Drenalin and what it has to offer.

The Drenalin features a fully machined aluminum alloy handle with an overall length of 25 7/16 inches, not a great deal of difference from the Switchback XT. However, the design details are different. The handle has a deflex of nearly 3 1/4 inches compared to about 2 1/4 inches on the XT. However, the brace height of the Drenalin (at approximately 7 inches) is only about 5/8inch shorter than that of the XT. The sight window has a usable length of 7 inches, measuring from the shelf.It is cut 1/2 inch beyond center with an additional relief of 1/4 inch at the arrow pass. For convenience in setting up, the bow’s vertical centerline is marked with a distinguishing strip incorporated in the wooden grip. *Read the rest of the report by downloading the PDF


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