Missouri Boy Bags Two Deer With One Shot

Missouri 7-year-old opens the season by bagging two deer with the same bullet.

Missouri Boy Bags Two Deer With One Shot

You’ve heard of killing two birds with one stone, but what about two deer with one bullet?

Cash Koch, a 7-year-old from Houston, Missouri, recently accomplished the feat, killing two deer on one shot, The Springfield News-Leader reported.

Cash and his father, Eryc, were hunting riverbottom land on his family’s farm when Cash lined up his .243-calibler single-shot rifle on a big doe’s neck before pulling the trigger.

“He was pretty stunned seeing that doe go down,” Eryc said. “It was his first deer on the first season he’s hunted. But when we walked up to it we saw a second one laying on the ground about five feet behind her — a small buck you couldn’t even see. That one bullet went through the doe’s neck and hit the second one in the head. I don’t know of anybody who’s killed two deer with one shot, let alone a 7-year-old!”

The kills came a half hour into the hunt, Eryc said, when four deer started coming down from about 300 yards away.

Cash said he thought he “was never going to get a deer,” when he was interviewed later in the week.

Eryc processed the two deer into steaks and chops and plans to also make deer sausage and jerky.

“We’ve got a freezer full of meat,” he said. “The first thing Cash said is that he knew what me and him would be taking for lunch this week — deer meat.”


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