Wild turkey is one of the most challenging game birds to hunt and wonderful to eat, with delicious organic meat that is far tastier than any store-bought bird.

From the Osceola turkeys in south Florida to the gorgeous Badlands for Merriams, you’ll find challenges galore in chasing these lords of springtime. Hardwood hollers rattle with the thunder of Easterns and out in west Texas, chilly early spring mornings are replete with the almost comically endless gobbles of Rios.

The great thing is all these birds provide super hunting and great sustenance. Grilled breasts, gumbo with the legs and thighs, perhaps some smoked meats with your favorite dry rub … they’re all great. Even if you just create nuggets wrapped in bacon with a strip of jalapeno, some Italian dressing and a hot grill, it’s all good. Everyone enjoys something different.

But to get the best meat for the table then you need to have the best field prep. Here is one way to get the breast and leg meat from your bird, as shown by Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Director Chuck Sykes.

This isn’t the only way to prep your turkey, of course, but may provide some tips to help you with your meal prep.

Let’s eat!

Jazz up your wild turkey with this flavorful brine recipe that includes bourbon and beer. Neither will overpower the great flavor of your succulent turkey, but will impart subtle notes to make you say “Mmmmm.”

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