Video: How to Debone a Deer

Do you know how to properly debone a deer? Here’s how Kip Adams from the National Deer Association tackles the job.

Video: How to Debone a Deer

The National Deer Association recently posted a YouTube video demonstrating the steps needed to properly debone a deer. While many hunters simply field dress a deer and then bring the animal to a meat locker for processing, some prefer the DIY route. The reasons are many:

  • A hunter enjoys the DIY aspect to processing their own deer, and they take comfort knowing they’ve controlled the entire project (cleanliness, etc.) from beginning to end.
  • A hunter kills a deer during the early season with warm temperatures and a meat locker isn’t opened that day. This is common for hunters who shoot a deer on a Saturday or Sunday, and their local meat locker isn’t opened until Monday morning.
  • A hunter shoots a deer in remote country, and it’s easier to pack out the deboned venison instead of hauling the entire animal.
  • Finally, there are carcass transportation restrictions now in many states due to CWD, and a hunter must debone an animal instead of traveling outside a CWD management zone with the entire deer.

In the YouTube video below, Kip Adams from the National Deer Association shows you step by step how to skin a deer and then break it down so the venison fits more easily in a cooler. FYI: The meat from this adult doe weighed approximately 45 pounds.

Viewing tip: If you want to skip past the skinning portion of the tutorial, fast-forward to the 11:10 mark.


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