Top 10 Whitetail Journal Stories of 2018

From The New York Times’ coverage of CWD to the eight best new deer rifles for extreme conditions, these were your Top 10 favorite Whitetail Journal stories of 2018.

Top 10 Whitetail Journal Stories of 2018

10. How to Make Your Own Venison Sausage

Whip up a delicious batch of venison sausage with our simple recipe. With just a few ingredients and a little time, you'll have delicious breakfast sausage.

9. Best New Long-Range Deer Rifles for 2018

If you want your deer rifle to do double-duty as a long-range shooting or competition gun, here are five options, new in 2018.

8. 2018 Report: Deer Hunting Trends

A study covering the latest deer hunting trends was recently released by the Quality Deer Management Association. It's 68 pages of data and whitetail harvest information. Here's what stood out at first glance.

7. The New York Times Drops Report on How CWD Is Threatening Deer

The escalating impact of CWD's threat to deer can be measured by the growing coverage coming from publications outside of the hunting community, with this New York Times piece an example of such coverage.

6. Explainer: The Science Behind a Deer's Sense of Smell

 You don’t need us to tell you that a deer’s sense of smell is its primary defense. But what exactly makes a deer’s nose so good?

5. Most Weird Deer Antlers Are Not Caused by Genetics

Most often it's injury that causes weird deer antlers. These injuries can range from leg wounds to tears in the antler velvet.

4. Study: Penn State Goes 007 on Buck 8393

 From behavior in the summer months to how the buck responds to hunting pressure, Penn State University researchers posted findings on how a deer uses its territory. 

3. Top 10 Classic Deer Bullets

Although modern deer bullets are the best we’ve ever had, there are some classics that still get the job done at a fraction of the cost.

2. 8 Best New Deer Rifles for Extreme Conditions

 Need a great deer rifle that can withstand harsh weather and demanding backcountry conditions? Read on. We found eight great options from 2018's new offerings.

1. Top Deer-Hunting Spots for the DIY, Road-Tripping Bowhunter

Start now and you've got all year to plan your road trip. To help out, we've narrowed a long list of options down to 10 of the best deer-hunting ground in the U.S.


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