Self-Filmed Video: Michigan Public Land Whitetail

Central Michigan isn’t known as a hotbed for big bucks, but the host of MAD Forager encounters a mature whitetail on public land, and it’s worth checking out.

Self-Filmed Video: Michigan Public Land Whitetail

I like several aspects of this early October self-filmed YouTube video in central Michigan. First, it communicates the unpredictability of bowhunting public land for whitetails, which I can relate to all too well. The host of MAD Forager is prepared to hike into one spot, but has to change plans at the last minute because another truck is parked there. Instead of ruining this other person’s bowhunt — it’s a small tract — he makes the proper decision and drives on down the road.

Not sure where to go, he finally decides to hike into another public land area. He hasn’t scouted this property, but this isn’t his first rodeo, and he knows that his chances are best if he simply sits on a likely creek crossing. I like the “keep it simple, stupid” philosophy.

As you’ll see, his boots aren’t quite tall enough to keep his feet dry when moving in the creek. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hunting video where the host dumps water out of this boots and wrings his wet socks after climbing into a hang-on stand. Authentic!

When a buck appears, the hunter does a great job moving the camera into position, even though it’s originally set up to film on the opposite side of the tree. As I said, this isn’t this hunter’s first rodeo. Smooth behind-the-back move with the camera arm.

Watch closely and you’ll see him carefully and quietly push the bow hanger out of the way with the top limb of his bow after he reaches full draw. That’s another veteran move; well done.

The host is using a classic Mathews solo cam bow. I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like a discontinued Drenalin or Switchback model. He has a Kwikee Quiver and a Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit rest — again, keep it simple. 

He takes a shot at the end of the 7-minute video that is much longer than I’d attempt. Judging by the time it takes the arrow to fly over the big buck’s back, I’m guessing the range was closer to 60 yards than 40.

Regardless of the ending, this video is a reminder that it pays to keep a positive attitude when plans must change due to factors out of your control. There’s always a chance.


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