Slate Call Tips With Rich Miller

Carrying a call that is extremely versatile and generates realistic, natural sounding tones and vocalizations can dramatically increase your shot ratios during turkey season.

Presented By Knight & Hale

Here are several key factors that make Knight & Hale’s Scarlet Fever my go-to call in the turkey woods, especially when hunting tough and challenging conditions.

For starters, in all of my years of hunting and chasing turkeys, I’ve never seen a friction call that comes right out of the package like it has been custom-tuned. Harold Knight and Chris Parrish sent me a few of these to run and test in-the-field a couple seasons ago. They told me I would be absolutely blown away by how good their newest friction call sounded and the overall versatility of the call.

With a few seconds of trying each call out, I was convinced Knight & Hale was onto something very special with the Scarlet Fever. I was first amazed by the fact that all three calls had the exact same sweet spot, or area on the surface that produces the best sounds. I had never seen anything like this before. They told me this was the direct result of Knight & Hale acquiring new technology in the manufacturing process that had completely changed the game.

Secondly, I noticed this friction call was indeed extremely versatile. Scarlet Fever has amazing volume without sacrificing that authentic natural hen sound that drives longbeards out of their minds. You can really reach out and make contact with turkeys at extended distances or during windy conditions, when it’s hard for them to hear other calls.

At the same time, you can really tone the volume down and get that soft and sweet sound that even call-shy and highly-pressured gobblers can’t resist. With minimal effort, you can produce those light, clear noted tree yelps or content feeding clucks, yelps and purrs. It also has that perfect, natural break-over sound that goes from high and clear to raspy, which is what we as hunters try to replicate.

In my opinion, Scarlet Fever sounds so realistic that the only time it doesn’t really work is when its still in the package or tucked away in your vest. Be sure to get you one this season and I promise you won’t be disappointed by the results. In fact, I’d been willing to bet that Scarlet Fever will quickly become your Go-To Call this season as well!


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