Top Wild Turkey Hunting Video of Spring 2022

Of all the wild turkey content seen online this spring by the author, this 3-minute video is his favorite.

Top Wild Turkey Hunting Video of Spring 2022

This video was captured by my longtime friend Tim Herald, who has traveled the world to experience new cultures and pursue a wide variety of big game. That said, each spring Tim makes sure to set aside plenty of time to pursue gobblers in his home state of Kentucky.

Tim Herald with a 2022 Kentucky gobbler.
Tim Herald with a 2022 Kentucky gobbler.

He recently posted on Facebook explaining he’d been in the field 19 of 23 mornings in Kentucky, and along the way he helped friends kill 10 birds (and two misses). He filled his second turkey tag on the final day of Kentucky’s season on a solo hunt.

In the Facebook video below, Tim is in the field with a friend. Turn up the volume for best viewing; you must hear Tim’s whispering to understand what you’re about to see. I suspect Tim’s partner during this morning doesn’t have a lot of turkey hunting experience based on the type and amount of Tim’s coaching. (Kudos to Tim for helping new turkey hunters each spring experience the thrill of a close-range gobbler.) 

Listen closely as Tim instructs his partner on how they plan to pull off a double — in this case, shooting simultaneously. Complicating the matter is one of the three longbeards has a tail fan that is really messed up. It’s a legal bird, certainly, but both hunters would rather tag one with a full fan. And they must be careful to kill only one bird each, which means waiting for the three birds to separate. Finally, Tim is running a camera to capture the action, which is another ball to juggle.

I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched the scene unfold. If you’re a turkey hunter, then I think you’ll appreciate it, too. (FYI: Tim is the one who told me about Dave Smith Decoys forever ago. As you'll see here, they flat out work.)

“One, two, three, boom!” It’s a simple plan, right?

P.S. Be sure to "click to enter fullscreen" on the video for best viewing.


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