Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

Turkey-hunting guide Terry Knight of Lifetime Hunts in Macon, Miss., has some simple and effective tips for spring turkey hunters.
Spring Turkey Hunting Tips

turkey hunting tipsTips From A Turkey Guide

1) Don’t get too close. Set up a couple hundred yards from a gobbling turkey so you don’t risk spooking him.

2) Don’t call much. Use soft yelps and clucks to let the bird know where you are and then quit calling. If the bird gobbles then answer him with some soft yelps, purrs and clucks and go silent again.

3) Be ready. Have your shotgun shouldered and pointed in the direction of the last gobble. Once the bird is in sight you need to have your head down on the gun, safety off and be pointed in the right direction. Any movement at this point on your part is suspect to getting you busted by the bird’s amazing eyesight.

4) Let the turkey find you. If the tom is heading in your direction don’t call. Let him come find you.

5) Be Patient. Don’t be in a hurry to get up if your bird doesn’t gobble. Wait him out. If he ends up gobbling away from you and doesn’t come back after 40 minutes to an hour, pickup and move.

6) Listen. When you move to a new spot in the morning, listen for 5 to 10 minutes before calling. Many times if a hot bird is in the area he’ll gobble and you can pinpoint his location without announcing your presence.

If you’d like to gain an education in turkey hunting, then I highly recommend you spend three days with Terry Knight or any of the guides at Lifetime Hunts. For more information or to book your next hunt, visit www.lifetimehuntsllc.com or call (662) 726-9223.

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