Product Profile: In Sights Nutrition Solutions

Draw in more deer, hogs, and turkeys and keep 'em coming back.
Product Profile: In Sights Nutrition Solutions

Whitetail deer and feral hogs are the name of the hunting game in the South. Deer are plentiful and seasons are liberal. And ask any Game & Fish Department or rural landowner about wild hogs and they will testify that the critters are more abundant and destructive than anyone would prefer and their populations are spreading.

So a line of products designed specifically to help hunters attract deer and hogs is likely to attract plenty of attention. Such is the case with the new feeds and attractants from the company owned by Jason Grau and Steve Stone In Sights Nutrition Solutions out of Lometa, Texas.

In the Hunting Products deer line, three attractants are currently available: Buck Draw, Buck Nut, and Buck Strut.

Jason Grau says that in free-range conditions, the hardest element for deer to gnaw out of the environment is fat and the sustainable energy fat generates. Thus his peanut-based Buck Draw (25-pound bag, $18) is high in protein, high in carbohydrates and has the taste and aroma that deer crave. "Because of the aroma, Buck Draw is a long-range attractant, but it also draws deer into target areas and keeps them there," Grau says. Buck Draw promotes body condition, antler growth and healthy herds.

A hunter would choose Buck Nut because it is a high fat concentrate that gives deer fuel in any weather. Buck Nut (4.5-pound tub, $17) is a blend of peanuts, protein, sugar, and grain by-products that help deer maintain their health throughout the stressful rut period. It also promotes wildlife health when does are conceiving and bearing fawns. Grau recommends pouring Buck Nut in deer traffic areas and shooting lanes, and reapplying as necessary during the season.

The third deer product from In Sights is Buck Strut which, Grau maintains, contains none of the salt water that is mixed with most wildlife attractants: "It's 48 percent real sweet sugar syrup." For best results, he says, use Buck Strut syrup (1 gallon, $11) in coordination with other In Sights products. Pour it over a decaying stump, for instance, so that it penetrates, allowing the stump to give off the sweet aroma throughout the season. Use Buck Strut in high traffic areas, in breeding pens, mix it with corn, or pour onto roughage (such as alfalfa) to enhance palatability and stimulate appetite.

Feral hog products from In Sights are a trio of attractants: Hog Nut, Hog Trap, and Hog Get.

Hog Nut (4.5 pounds, $11) is a powder supplement that provides essential nutrients to promote hog health as well as high fat for increased hog weight. "That means big, monster boars," Gray says. As an attractant, Hog Nut has an aroma that draws hogs in and keeps them in. A mixture of peanuts, sugar and grain by-products, the hunter should pour Hog Nut in high hog traffic areas.

Hog Trap (10 pounds, $11) is exceptionally sweet with real sugar syrup and has proven to be irresistible to hogs (as well as other varmints). Like Buck Strut, Grau says, "Our attractants contain absolutely no salt water."

Hog Trap is easy to use. Just pour it onto decaying wood or openly on the ground to entice hogs (as well as bears, raccoons, opossum, armadillos, and more) to a favorite hunting spot. You can even pour Hog Trap into repetitively used hog wallows or when creating a new wallow. (Select a mud hole and pour the syrup directly into the hole.) Use Hog Trap straight or mix with grain, especially in traps.

Hog-Get is a hard-cooked attractant drop block. "We have a unique cooking processes," Grau says, "that blends, and then molds, natural ingredients such as peanuts, sugar and grain by-products, into a long-lasting, controlled release block." Hog-Get (5 pounds, $16) is weather-resistant and will not disintegrate under normal weather conditions. To increase attraction, pour Hog Trap syrup over the drop block. Hog-Get is perfect for use in any hog, varmint or wild beast traps as well as shooting lanes and high hog traffic areas.

The southern passion for hunting the wild turkey has spread throughout the U.S. but leave it to a Texas company to come up with a unique solution designed to attract this "big game bird."

Jason Grau says Turkey Draw is "not just another chicken scratch." It contains real grains and natural foods, such as corn, pecans, pecan hulls, sugar and grain by-products. "What turkeys find most appealing in our Turkey Draw (5 pounds, $13) are the pecans and pecan hulls. So it does just what our company motto says: it draws 'em in and keeps 'em in." For best results, pour Turkey Draw among a set of decoys, in or near feeding pens, and high traffic areas. Reapply during the season to increase attraction to your hunting areas.

In the Breeder Products line, Nut N' More (40 pounds, $30) is a superior quality, peanut-based top dressing that provides high fat and high energy for wildlife. It was developed to increase a penned herd¹s nutritional consumption rate. The combination of fat, protein, fiber and sugars helps during the post-rut and fawning recovery periods and increases a herd¹s general appetite.

"Our unique cooking process blends nutritional ingredients together into a long-lasting controlled release block that won¹t disintegrate under normal weather conditions," Grau says. Nut N' More (12-pound tub, $27) deer nutrition block contains all natural ingredients.

Unlike other products on the market, In Sights Get Sweet Breeder Syrup contains no salt water. Made with all natural ingredients, Get Sweet (1 gallon, $18) is a perfect flavor enhancer when mixed with supplemental feed or roughage.

Contact In Sights Wildlife Nutrition Solutions at or call (512) 752-6503.


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