Cahaba River game camera solutions

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Cahaba River game camera solutions

What one of us has not dreamed of sitting at home or at the office, or perhaps while riding in the car, and monitoring a food plot or the trail system upwind of our best treestand? We watch the rutting buck move just before our business lunch; a boar raccoon rumbling across a log before dark; a coyote sneaking along the edge, looking for an easy meal. We also see the trespasser who looks carefully around to make sure he is not observed and then sets up about five yards deep in the brush.

Is it a dream that you could record all this while you're doing your taxes or grading papers? Is it a dream that you could grunt at the buck, shout "I have your picture!" at the trespasser? Isn't this the best of all possible worlds for the passionate, pro-active hunter?

Kendall Bauldree of Cahaba River Game Cameras says all this is absolutely possible right now not in a science fiction future. And it has all come together in the most unusual manner.

"Our parent company is Millennium Risk Managers in Birmingham, Alabama. They are a full service risk management company, but specialize in worker's compensation fraud cases. Millennium does several million dollars a year investigating worker's comp claims.

"I have a forestry and wildlife management background and for years, I managed the 96,000-acre Forest & Lakes Plantation in the panhandle of Florida. We administered the land principally for timber, but had black bear, deer, quail, and wild turkey and so we leased property to three hunting clubs. That still left me 30,000 acres to myself. It was 17 miles from my house to the back gate. You had to stock up on stuff!

"Living so far back in the woods, I developed an interest in remote areas and electronic integration, especially via the Internet.

"Then I retired to Birmingham and was a two-week hire with Millennium seven years ago. I saw the need for a virtual investigator and came up with a way to stream video from remote areas over the Internet. As we worked on that, I convinced the company to go into the game camera business.

"What we really do is systems integration and we have developed systems that are far advanced beyond standard game cameras. Our videos which I update regularly actually explain a lot about our cameras and show them in use."

The Cahaba Pro Camera System is a stand-alone quick-deploy solar-powered unit. It is designed for use in remote areas and optional antennas are available for extreme conditions where there is little cellular data signal. This system is designed for serious hunters, outfitters, wildlife managers, and biologists. It has also been utilized by trappers for the removal of feral hogs.

Cahaba uses an LTE connection for Internet service with a static IP address to deliver live, real time HD 1040P audio and video from its remote location to a user¹s computer or smart phone. It has day/night video capability, even in total darkness using its state-of-the-art IR illuminator activated by a PIR sensor. Choose a wide 40-degree beam width that lights to 75 yards or a narrow 20-degree width to 200 yards. Optical zoom lenses to 200X.

This camera provides two-way audio and can even be set to detect trespassers and then issue a pre-recorded message warning them to leave. It states that a video recording has been sent to the owner. The system can then send you a text message and email that includes the video. You can also play a game call using your own voice or select from a selection of calls downloaded from the Cahaba web site.

Included are digital inputs/outputs that can activate any device you wish to add. (To see this in action, check and view the eTrap Doors video where a remote trigger closes a gate to trap wild hogs.) Up to 15 additional cameras can be remotely connected to the base unit and viewed singly or in split screen.

All software for managing the viewing of live and recorded video is included in a purchase. Depending on terrain, users can expect an average upload speed of 10 Mbps and download speed of 4 Mbps.

The cost of a Cahaba River camera system may still be a little high for the average hunter. The Pro, which offers remotely variable focal length, and includes solar panels and field mount, is $1,088 and the operative cellular plan costs $50 per month for 5 GB and $80 per month for 10 GB. Additional camera units are $919.

For those who have no budget restrictions, a Pro Series Camera PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Check the Cahaba River web site for cellular coverage zones. The PTZ allows a full 360 degree pan feature with a true 12 X optical (4X Digital) zoom. This system provides two-way audio with remote activation of up to 10 animal calls.

Contact Cahaba River Game Cameras at (888) 812-2637,


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