Northland Reed-Runner Walking and Popping Frogs

The new Northland Reed-Runner Walking and Popping Frogs are 100 percent weedless and available in a wide variety of color patterns.

Northland Reed-Runner Walking and Popping Frogs

Northland Reed-Runner Walking Frog (top) and Popping Frog (bottom)

If it walks like a duck, it’s a duck — or maybe a frog, mouse, sunfish, small bird or baby turtle. Two new dedicated surface smashers from Northland Fishing Tackle — Reed-Runner Walking and Popping frogs — don’t discriminate against much of anything struggling or stroking on the water surface that represent a square meal for hungry bass. Both lures produce lifelike patterns that mimic frogs, reptiles, mammals, birds and fish that swim on the surface, with topwater walking action that creates noise and commotion that trigger fish to strike. The Walking Frog has a soft hollow body and super weedless 4/0 hook. The Popping Frog has a cupped lip that creates amazing popping action and comes with a 3/0 hook. Both are 2.75 inches long. MSRP: $9.99/each. Contact:


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