Gear Guide: Shooting Accessories And Ammo

Shooting and hunting are more fun today than ever, thanks to a host of great new and continually improving products.
Gear Guide: Shooting Accessories And Ammo

Shooting and hunting are more fun today than ever, thanks to a host of great new and continually improving products. Tactical and law enforcement gear has crept into mainstream shooting, like a ninja in the night, and its influence has raised the effectiveness bar among products designed for the general public. Whether you’re prepping for Armageddon by blasting zombies, spicing up your favorite rifle or shotgun with a new stock, or trying out a new load for your pet deer rifle, these products can help you along.


Federal is producing a great new slug projectile,” said Tim Brant, PR and Events Manager. “It’s all copper, skived so it upsets well every time, and it performs equally well at short and long ranges.” Termed the Vital-Shok Trophy Copper Sabot Slug, the bullet features a polymer tip and sleek slug profile for increased downrange velocity and energy retention. “Federal has engineered an aluminum disk, a ‘pusher plate’ at the base of the sabot, so the bullet has a clean launch for ultimate accuracy,” Brant said. “This hard base allows for a lot less variation, a straighter bullet alignment and greater accuracy in the air.” Trophy Copper Sabot Slugs will be sold in 3-inch 12-gauge 300-grain loads that launch at 2,000 fps and a 2 ¾-inch load at 1,900 fps. 20-gauge shooters will get 1,900 fps from a 3-inch shell with a 275-grain bullet and 1,700 fps from the same bullet in 2 ¾-inch shells.

Barnes Bullets

Barnes has been a leader in copper projectile technology for nearly 25 years and shooters and hunters can now turn directly to Barnes for VOR-TX ammunition, a line of quality hunting ammo “precision-loaded to be the deadliest on the planet.” Each bullet is hand inspected for accuracy and peak performance with three bullet options: the TSX, polymer-tipped TSX (TTSX) and the TSX FN (.30-30 Flat nose). Each offers double diameter expansion and near 100-percent weight retention from an all-copper bullet. The TTSX provides a higher ballistic coefficient and near instant expansion thanks to a cleverly designed nose cavity. Barnes touts their “whirling, destructive power,” and experienced shooters will attest to the bullet’s incredible penetration power as expanding petals cut, rather than push through tissue, almost always resulting in complete penetration.

D Dupleks

German engineering and D Dupleks slugs go hand in hand. The Monolit 28 is made from steel, has a galvanized coating against corrosion, produces a soft recoil, and is especially suitable for semi-automatic shotguns. The slug retains initial trajectory well, even when encountering small impediments such as grass and twigs, and still delivers on impact. The completely flat front of the projectile develops maximum impact and hydrostatic shock once inside the animal. Other Dupleks slugs expand up to twice their size or break into six symmetric splinters for unparalleled damage to internal organs. All slugs contain no lead, can be safely fired from all shotguns through all chokes and are available in 12- and 20-gauge.

Double Tap Ammo

Many deer hunters have a favorite brand of ammo as well as a favorite bullet, and the two don’t always match. Double Tap offers a wide variety of popular calibers tipped with today’s hottest bullets. For example, in the popular .30-06 Springfield caliber, hunters can choose from Barnes TTSX Lead Free, Nosler E-Tip Lead Free, Nosler Accubond, and HPBT Match M1 Grand. Other calibers include Woodleigh Weldcore bullets.


This well-known manufacturer of quality shot shells has expanded into the centerfire category, looking to bring the same excellence to deer-hunting loads. Calibers include .243 Win., 6.5 Swedish, .270 Win., .308 Win., and .30-06 Springfield. The Extrema line is loaded with a variety of popular bullets such as SST, Interlock BT, Sierra Game King HPBT and more.


Three new calibers join the Superformance line, creating near magnum performance from standard calibers without the recoil. First the 6.5 Creedmoor, an incredibly accurate round, is offered in 129-grain Interbond. Bump your vintage .300 Savage (Granddad’s favorite lever-action) to new heights with a 150-grain SST, and Thompson/Center lovers will ogle over the .30 TC in 150-grain GMX. This all-copper bullet mushrooms incredibly, retains nearly 100 percent of its weight, and penetrates exceptionally well.


The Hybred MAG-20 is the latest addition to the extensive Lightfield slug line. The MAG-20 incorporates a post wad that acts as a stabilizer, with the sabot “keyed” to the slug to assure maximum torque, rotation and velocity, all of which translates into better downrange trajectory and accuracy. The MAG-20 uses a 7/8-ounce, 385-grain, .54-caliber slug that provides 2,470 ft./lbs. at the muzzle and an impressive 987 ft./lbs. at 150 yards. A slug selection graphic on the website matches big-game species with the best slug options.


Nosler’s proprietary line of premium loaded ammunition using Nosler brass and bullets in popular deer-hunting calibers is custom quality designed for maximum accuracy and terminal performance. If you need a very specific load, consider Nosler Custom Hand-Loaded ammunition, which is handcrafted using Nosler bullets, brass and time-tested load data to create accurate, dependable and effective ammunition.

Winchester Ammunition

Wild hogs are becoming an increasingly popular game animal, and Winchester will introduce the Razorback XT, the first cartridge specifically designed for hog hunting. “The Razorback XT is our response to the rising popularity of hog hunting and the necessity to control wild hogs where they are a nuisance,” said Brit Flaugher, Winchester VP of Marketing and Sales. “Hunters need a cartridge that can drive through thick hide and bone for quick, ethical harvest shots on the toughest wild boars, and Razorback XT will get the job done.” The dedicated bullet is lead-free, has a beveled profile and is made of solid gilding metal with a hollow point for delayed expansion, while flash-suppressed powers benefit users in low light or after-dark situations. Loads for 2012 include a 150-grain .308 Win. offering, which will work great for deer.

Wolf Ammo

Want to shoot more and spend less? Wolf ammunition guarantees their product like no other — a 100-percent performance guarantee. Wolf ammunition features a polymer coating to ensure smooth feeding and extraction, reliable ignition and high quality, all at an affordable price. They use green lacquered steel cases instead of brass which lowers cost, yet every round undergoes 16 quality checks to ensure superior performance.

Bell & Carlson

Do you have a sentimental rifle that you don’t shoot well? Why not replace the stock? Bell and Carlson stocks are made from synthetic Carbelite in models to fit most any rifle and can include checkering, premium recoil pad, rear swivel stud, unique camo patterns, and MaxxGuard, a rubberized clear protective coating. Hunting stocks typically weigh between 2 and 2.25 pounds and are designed to reduce recoil and withstand temperature extremes, moisture and hard use. Most are designed as “drop-in” components to easily bolt the barreled action into the stock.


Love shooting but hate the recoil? The BenchMaster takes the pain out of repetitively shooting rifles and slug guns. It has coarse and fine elevation adjustments, adjustable legs and a genuine leather recoil pouch and front bag rest so your rifle can recoil over and over without damage. It has a small bubble level indicator and is powder-coated for durability, and its galvanized legs and wing nuts will not corrode. By using a solid, captive rest, a shooter can fire one round and then adjust the scope to that bullet hole, simplifying the sight-in process.

E.L.K. Inc.

Becoming invisible to deer is every hunter’s dream, and “Ghillie” is synonymous with blending with surroundings. The Ghillie Shooting Sticks Package includes the ultra-portable Ghillie blind and the shooting sticks, a quality rest to make the most of every shot.


Halogen sights are lifesavers on tactical weapons and very effective on shotguns. EOTech’s HWS sight is waterproof, fogproof, shockproof and temperature proof, making it almost foolproof when used as an aiming device. The two-eyes-open, heads-up display is constructed with a three-layer, shatterproof laminate glass that is 3/16-inch thick for added durability. The reticules are designed as see-through patterns instantly visible in any light and instinctive to center. Even if the sight is badly canted or partially obscured (like leaning from a tree stand), the bullet strikes where the reticule rests, regardless of its location on the screen.

GEMTECH Silencers

“Lots of legislation has been recently introduced to allow the use of sound suppressors in big-game hunting, and Arizona, Georgia and Texas should approve such laws this year, adding them to the states where it’s already legal to use mufflers,” says Kel Whelan. “The GEMTECH unit is compact at 7.8 inches and 13 ounces, threading directly to the barrel of many sporting rifles for a most compact system. Available through dealers in 39 states after a one-time $200 transfer fee, they are legal to hunt nuisance and varmint animals in many states and big game within 23 states, and legislation is pending to permit more.”


Buckshot works well on deer at close range in thick cover, yet the better your shotgun patterns, the more effective each load becomes. Shot size down to No. 4 buck is also used by many fox and coyote hunters, allowing a margin of error on elusive targets and little fur damage. BuckKicker chokes are available in 10- and 12-gauge, with three constrictions to accommodate buckshot sizes from 000 to No. 4 buck and come with a black matte finish. BuckKicker can also be used for upland game whenever a full choke is desired, but should not be used with steel shot.


A portion of the shooting community is undertaking a zombie craze as people are looking at today’s zombies like yesterday’s vampires. “World War Z,” a doomsday movie starring Brad Pitt, is scheduled to open December 21, 2012, the day some predict the world will end. All this attention has spawned the “doomsday preppers,” who are preparing for Teotwawki — the end of the world as we know it. People are creating a cache of food, water and gear to survive from 6 months to a year, and the Zombie Ammo Can is a way of storing ammo and other valuables in an O-ring sealed container for long-term storage. It’s also dual latched and lockable.


Pain takes the pleasure out of shooting and degrades accuracy. Mag-na-port International has tamed the recoil tornado for many years, and the company believes they have improved the traditional model with the new Mag-na-brake. Less than 2 inches long, it threads onto the end of the muzzle where its unique design helps neutralize expanding gases. This occurs with an opposite twist so the brake will not unscrew and releases gasses at a forward angle to reduce muzzle blast. Tests indicate felt recoil reductions up to 45 percent with no loss of accuracy.


Quality sport glasses allow you to see better in low or bright light, yet often bend or break in the field. Numa introduces the Point Ballistic glasses, created for tactical purposes, but great for deer hunting. The Hydrophilic TAK rubber nose and temple pads are designed to prevent slippage and fit tightly to protect against wind, dust and debris. Venting between the lens and frames prevents fogging and the frames are totally flexible, so even if you sit on them, they go right back to their original shape.


Shooting from a rest is critical to accuracy, yet never easy when standing or leaning from a tree stand. Trigger Sticks solve the problem. Available in monopod, bipod and tripod, these unique rests adjust with the squeeze of a finger, allowing a hunter to steady his aim in a heartbeat. Monopods and bipods can be used on the ground or from tree stands, and the tripod model makes shaky, off-hand shots a thing of the past. Additionally, the gun rest unscrews, exposing a threaded camera or spotting scope mount.

Williams Gun Sight Co.

Which is better, a rugged iron sight or a bright scope? Williams solves this dilemma with the “Ace in the Hole” scope rail, which is CNC machined to 1913 Picatinny specifications and includes extra slots for added mounting options. Best of all, a fully adjustable (for windage and elevation) aperture sight is built right into the scope base. The Ace in the Hole aperture sight is not just an add-on, but a serious sight in its own right, featuring a longer sight radius and the option for interchangeable apertures and ghost rings. A steel, fiber-optic front sight is part of the package.

Real Avid

Needing a tool in the field and not having it can be a nightmare, but “The Gun Tool” from Real Avid allows you to carry 18 tools in your pocket — a multi-tool for shooters.

X-Treme Shooting

A custom trigger is one of the most significant gear interventions a shooter can make to increase accuracy. The CG X-Treme Mod 22 two-stage trigger is made in three versions for the Remington 700 and many similar actions, or they can be custom built by special order. The Mod 22 trigger is a true two-stage, four-lever trigger. It’s made from quality materials and is adjustable for first-stage travel, first-stage pull weight and second-stage pull weight, with a range from 10 oz. to 3.5 lbs.

Kelbly’s Bases & Rings

Poor bases and rings are a great way to ensure your scope shifts from recoil or day-to-day handling. Kelbly’s Inc. offers fully-matched aluminum billet machined rings and one-piece bases that fit almost every standard rifle on today’s market, including everything from the Remington 700/40x in short or long action to the T/C Encore/Omega to the Savage Model 12 — and even the Ruger 10/22! Both 30mm or 1-inch rings in bead-blast finish ($150) or black anodized finish ($160) are available.


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