There’s an App for That!

Calculating any rifle’s maximum point blank range (MPBR) can be as easy as punching a few numbers into a ballistics calculator and spending a little time at the range.

There’s an App for That!

Nikon Spot-On ballistic calculator.

If you want a quick ballistic reference tool for while you’re in the field, you don’t need to look any further than your smartphone. Here are three mobile apps available for getting the dope on every conceivable caliber and bullet. 

Nikon Spot-on Calculator: Fur hunters can match almost any Nikon riflescope to their favorite ammunition using Nikon Optic’s Spot On mobile app. All that’s needed is a rifle, ammo, a Nikon riflescope and a rangefinder — Spot On does the rest, calculating bullet trajectory without even pulling the trigger. With its expansive database, the Spot On app provides precise aiming points at specified ranges for any Nikon BDC reticle riflescope and instant reference for sighting-in other Nikon riflescopes with plex, mildot or standard crosshair reticles. It will also quickly calculate Maximum Point Blank Range with the touch of a finger. Available free for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms at 

Winchester Ballistics Calculator: Designed for use at the range or in the field, Winchester Ammo’s ballistic calculator found on its website is also available free as an iPhone app, which allows shooters to compare up to three bullet types with easy-to-read, high-tech graphs and charts. Select a caliber and bullet, punch in the range and weather conditions and pull the (virtual) trigger. The app will provide instant feedback on bullet drop and drift. And once the app has been installed on an iPhone, iPod or iPad, cell phone or Internet service is not required. Visit for more information.

Ballistic/Advanced Edition: The Ballistic Advanced Edition was designed for serious shooters who want a ballistics calculator with all of the bells and whistles. It calculates trajectory, windage, velocity, energy and lead, and can compensate for atmospheric conditions such as temperature, barometric pressure, humidity and altitude. With a vast library of more than 5,000 projectiles and factory loads, Mil-Dot and MOA rangefinder with head-up display capabilities, GPS and atmosphere awareness, full size charts, and much more, the Ballistic Advanced Edition is a complete precision marksman tool for hunting and shooting. Available for all iOS devices. Visit for more information.


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