Editor's Picks: Top 10 Predator Xtreme Stories of 2019

Do you have a favorite predator hunting article from the past year? Here is our list of editors’ picks for the top 10 Predator Xtreme stories of 2019.

Editor's Picks: Top 10 Predator Xtreme Stories of 2019

Do you have a favorite predator hunting article from the past year?

We have published a great variety of stories this year, from how-to pieces for predators and varmints to reviews on rifles and gear. Our contributors have decades of accumulated knowledge in the field, at the shooting bench and behind the keyboard, where they deliver it to you to consider, parse and put to use.

Here is our list of editors’ picks for the top 10 Predator Xtreme stories of 2019.

1. Getting the Most From Your Predator Rifle
How you choose and equip a predator rifle affects where the bullets go and whether you can tap into the rifle's full potential in the field.

2. How To Not Die While Hunting in Summer

Make the right decisions on hydration, clothing and time in the sun to avoid dehydration, heatstroke or worse while pursuing hogs and predators in summer.

3. Use This Secret Tip To Attract, Kill More Coyotes

Veteran hunter Mark Kayser provides an excellent tip that has worked for him for years to help put down more songdogs. Give it a try.

4. Here's how Ticks Embed in Your Skin, Suck Your Blood

Coyotes often are riddled with ticks and fleas. Ticks are found throughout the United States. When you're hunting predators, your risk of picking up a tick or two increases greatly. Do you know how they bite you?

5. Does Shooting Coyotes Affect Deer Populations?

The collision of predator and whitetail management plans involves more than picking off a coyote here and there. Does it really make a difference in whitetail deer populations if you shoot a few coyotes during the year?

6. Review: The .22 Creedmoor on Coyotes

Based off the 6.5 Creedmoor case and that new family of centerfire cartridges, Hornady's 22 Creedmoor still is in the development stage in terms of factory offerings but is turning some heads.

7. The Best Tips to Help You Avoid Missing Shots on Predators

Veteran hunter and marksman Wayne van Zwoll gives his opinions about how to improve your shooting skills and increase your success while hunting predators.

8. Long-Range Shooting for Coyotes

Having the ability to make a long shot can be the difference in dropping a coyote or watching it leave.

9. Tips for Snaring Predators in the Snow

For catching coyotes, foxes and bobcats in winter, it's hard to beat a well placed snare.

10. Proven Tips for Hunting Hogs With Handguns

Hunting feral hogs is fun, whether you're stalking or waiting in a blind. Hunting them with handguns is even more fun. Learn some field-proven tips for hunting these porcine pests.


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