First Look: Federal Premium Federal Speed-Shok Waterfowl Ammunition

First Look: Federal Premium Federal Speed-Shok Waterfowl Ammunition

Federal Premium Ammunition has redesigned its line of Federal Speed-Shok waterfowl loads, with 10 new loads in several shot sizes.

Putting down ducks and geese — especially the latter — efficiently and cleanly requires speed, knockdown power and, of course, good shooting skills. Hunters who want affordable ammunition can find it with the Speed-Shok lineup. Testing your waterfowl shotgun at the range for patterns at different distances and with different chokes also can greatly increase your success in the field.

The redesigned Federal Speed-Shok's Catalyst primer and faster burning powders dramatically reduce residue, while its optimized velocities help knock birds out of the sky. Of course, that's only if you're on target when you pull the trigger. Speed-Shok is now available in sub-gauge loads and high-velocity 12-gauge offerings.

Features & Benefits
• New and improved loads
• Faster-burning, cleaner propellant leaves drastically less residue in the barrel and action
• Catalyst high-performance primer provides the most complete, consistent ignition possible
• Optimized velocities
• New sub-gauge and high-velocity 12-gauge loads

MSRP ranges from $12.95 to $33.95 depending on gauge and load.

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