What’s your beer of choice in hunt camp?  

Beer Marketer’s Insights recently released data on 2017 American beer trends, and, while the country overwhelmingly prefers light beer, we asked hunters to weigh in on their top preferences.
What’s your beer of choice in hunt camp?  

Photo: Miller Lite

Miller Lite is the new king of beer according to the Beer Marketer’s Insights analysis of 2017 sales data. The light brew unseated longtime favorite Budweiser to take the No. 3 spot. This was reportedly a shocker among leaders in the beer industry. The No. 1 selling beer in 2017 was Bud Light, followed by Coors Light at No. 2.

Miller Lite’s return to the top also marks the first time America’s three highest-selling beers have all been light brews. One could speculate the trend toward lighter spirits is due to waistline worry and an emphasis on better health, but what of the hunter — often cold and fireside in hunt camps or at cabins, trailers or shacks built or resurrected on hunting leases across rural America? Are the rugged types going light too?

In an informal poll on social media, this question was asked of hunters:

If you’re on your way to hunt camp or your hunting lease for the weekend (or anything sort of rugged and outdoorsy), what beer do you pick up on your way out of town? P.S. Don’t try to be cool, people. If you drink some type of garbage beer, own it and give the beer its due.

Probably the best response, though it essentially dodges the question, was posted by Slavi Kirn, a hunter and archery shop owner from Slovenia. “Did you ever hear the definition of a hunter?” she asks. “It’s a drunk person, going through the woods to the pub.”

This feels bucket-list worthy: a trip to rural Slovenia, stumbling through the woods of a foreign country, in search of the local pub. Dilly, dilly.

Still, other answers were more pragmatic. Here’s what we learned (all data is presented in percentages):

Light beer verses regular beer

beer in hunt camp

Commercial beer verses craft beer

beer in hunt camp

Beer versus liquor

The question posted to social media doesn’t ask for liquor preferences, but many hunters evidently don’t prefer beer in hunt camp at all.

beer in hunt camp

Finally, among beer, Shiner Bock, Busch Light and Bud Light tied for first place in our informal poll, while bourbon was the most popular liquor preferred by hunters with Blanton's and Knob Creek getting mentions. There were a few wine lovers out there. And here are three craft beers that ranked among the favorites: Southern Pecan by Lazy Magonolia Brewing Company, Milk Stout Nitro by Left Hand Brewing Company and Truck Stop Honey by Back Forty Brewing Company.

We’d love to hear from more hunters. If you’d like to weigh in on beer preferences in hunt camp, let us know in the comment section below or chime in on this Facebook post.


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