Video: Rifle Range Built Over a Busy Road?

This private rifle range in Switzerland is unlike anything you’d find in America.

Video: Rifle Range Built Over a Busy Road?

Popular YouTube personality Tom Scott has been making interesting videos for a decade, which is why his primary channel has 6.32 million subscribers. His content has an educational focus, with topics ranging from science and technology to history and geography. His Things You Might Not Know playlist is my favorite. For an example, check out “How Formation Flying Works.”

In the 5-minute video below, Scott discusses a private rifle range you have to see to believe. Switzerland is home to the Brünnlisau shooting range — built in 1998 — and it features 12 targets on the other side of a busy road. Yes, bullets are flying overhead of persons driving their vehicles, and unless they have their windows down to hear the muzzle blasts, they don’t have a clue there’s a nearby gun range.

Scott does an excellent job explaining the range’s features — the targets are really cool! — as well as the private club’s perfect safety record. About 80,000 rounds are fired per year by the club’s 160 members, plus visiting soldiers, which number approximately 140 per year.

Spoiler: The key to the entire rifle range layout is having club members and soldiers shoot from only the prone position, which takes the highway out of the line of fire. It’s a clever design. That said, I’m not holding my breath that a rifle range with a similar design could ever be approved and built here in America.

One final comment: I was surprised that the rifle club staff didn’t provide Tom Scott with eye protection. I don’t pretend to know the rules at all the gun ranges in America, but those I’ve visited in the upper Midwest have a strict rule about eye and ear protection for all shooters.


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