Video: Knives So Sharp They Split Hairs

YouTube is filled with experts on every topic imaginable; we’ve found the knife sharpening whisperer.

Video: Knives So Sharp They Split Hairs

Alex Garland (above) is the host of the popular YouTube channel Outdoors55 (321k subscribers); he’s based out of southern Pennsylvania. What started in 2017 as an outdoor backpacking channel quickly transitioned into knives, knife making and sharpening tips.

In the 2-minute YouTube video below, Alex demonstrates what is possible with freehand knife sharpening on a 400 grit stone plus a two strop progression. You’ll find many helpful videos on his channel if you aren’t familiar with using a sharpening stone or strop.

You no doubt have heard the phrase “splitting hairs.” Below you’ll see it — at least as it relates to knife sharpness.

P.S. I’ve been a fan of Outdoors55 for many months and have learned a lot about knife sharpening, including why my Amazon purchase of an inexpensive whetstone was a mistake. Click here for that video. Thankfully, I learned my lesson and recently purchased the two-sided diamond stone from Sharpal that Alex described as “the perfect diamond stone.” Click here to check out his review of this affordable and effective stone.


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