TrackingPoint Releases 'ShotGlass' For Precision Rifle Targeting

Similar to Google Glass, the new optic allows shooters to fire around corners and record their hits.
TrackingPoint Releases 'ShotGlass' For Precision Rifle Targeting

Want to be able to shoot around corners, spot for your shooting partner from behind a berm or record targeting information and the “whoop!” of a dead-on shot without using your hands?

Well the rocket scientists at TrackingPoint have just announced a new product that will take the company’s Precision Guided Firearm to the next level with a wearable targeting computer that allows users to shoot from nearly any position.

Dubbed “ShotGlass,” the new digitally-enabled shooting glasses are TrackingPoint’s version of Google Glass, with an integrated head’s up display that shows all the targeting information a shooter needs right before his eyes.

“ShotGlass is similar to Google Glass but optimized for shooting sports,” said TrackingPoint CEO John Lupher. “The innovative shooting glasses have an aggressive high-tech posture and connect wirelessly to TrackingPoint’s Precision-Guided Firearms. ShotGlass can even record the excitement of your voice when you make an astonishing shot on a moving trophy at extreme distance.”

You'll remember that back in June, TrackingPoint tinkered with using Google Glass on one of its Precision Guided AR15 platforms and posted a video to prove it.

The ShotGlass system includes a video camera similar in resolution to a GoPro, a microphone and HD video display. Shooters and their partners can observe targets at wide and magnified fields of view simultaneously, record all action and download photos and videos to computers or smart devices directly from the ShotGlass optics.

The system also comes in handy with parents or friends mentoring new shooters, since they can help inexperienced users obtain proper alignment and target acquisition.

“Wearable tech, designed to enhance the shooting and hunting experience, changes the way you experience the sport,” Lupher said. “ShotGlass adds an element to hunting and shooting that is beyond belief.”

The ShotGlass optics will be available in March 2015 for around $995. But anyone who purchases a new Precision Guided Firearm from TrackingPoint by the end of November will receive the ShotGlass for free.


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