The Best Gas Station Snacks for Hunters

Three cheers for the best gas station food — arguably, a questionable word — to eat while driving on fishing and hunting road trips.

The Best Gas Station Snacks for Hunters

Candy bars? Chicken gizzards or livers? Chips? Anything from the hot lamp roller display that, possibly, could result in a rumbling tummy a few hours later? Perhaps a healthy choice, like an apple or banana?

Gas station food spans the gamut of culinary delights. That's a questionable statement, of course, since "food" and "culinary delights" typically aren't found at the local Gas 'n Go. But occasionally we run across a joint that requires a mental pin-drop, where someone is making fried chicken in a small deli or a pop-up has tacos, tamales, Indian or some other delight that is worth a visit on each trip.

Food, in this case, is something to nosh on while driving. As much as I  love Indian and Korean food, it would be difficult to enjoy saag paneer or a cup of kimchi while driving to the duck club or fishin' hole. A big burrito possibly could be gulfed as I click-clack along the highways or interstate, but safety should take precedence.

So I stick with easy snacks for driving and leave the saag paneer and goat curry for a tailgate meal in the parking lot. I checked with our Grand View Outdoors staff for their favorite gas station food, too. Enjoy.

Hilary Dyer
Managing Editor

— Swedish Fish, and you should be caned for not thinking of this already.

— Peanuts or almonds, the kind in the tube you can dump into your mouth

— I’m a fan of anything in resealable packaging, so Pringles get the nod over other chips, and I always pick bottled soda over canned for that reason.

— A banana if I’m feeling guilty about the rest of the junk I bought.

— Chicken biscuits for breakfast.  

Darren Choate

This is an easy choice for me — Hostess Donnettes: Chocolate or Powdered. #breakfastofchampions 

Dave Maas
Senior Editor

I agree with Darren: Hostess Donnettes. Although I always go for chocolate, or maybe glazed in a pinch. Never powdered sugar because then you need a full glass of milk to avoid choking. My buddies and I call them “waxies.” So good.

Derrick Nawrocki

— Combo’s, baked pizza flavor or other baked flavors.

— Beef jerky, Sweet and Spicy or Teriyaki, quality depends on state and gas station. The more tender the better, the more off brand the better as well. I stay away from Obertos and Jack Links. 

— Blue Diamond Almonds, Wasabi and Soy or Salt and Vinegar flavor.

— In Colorado they have Kum & Go stations (in other states as well), and I get their pizza by the slice. Believe it or not, their egg rolls on the hot lamp rollers are a nice surprise.

— Kind bars always hit the spot, too 

Alan Clemons

Years ago I stopped at a gas station in West Memphis, Arkansas, on the way home from deer hunting in Kansas. When I opened the door the "Deli" sign in the back caught my eye and then I smelled fried goodness.

Chicken wings and legs were available, as were gizzards and livers. They were fresh, golden brown, crispy. The oil wasn't burned; you can smell and taste bad cooking oil. This was clean, and the gizzards weren't greasy. The kind lady serving me a big cup of gizzards asked if I wanted anything else. I got some turnip greens to eat in the parking lot, but the gizzards were for the drive.

"Hot sauce, please" I replied.

"Ohhhh, you know that's right," she said, smiling broadly as she packed a few extra gizzards on top. They were delicious with a cold Coca-Cola (the best). I had an empty cup by the time I got through Memphis. So good.

My other choices:

— Nacho Cheese Doritos, the greatest chip in the world.

— Heat lamp roller pepperoni Tornados, with a sugar-free Red Bull. 

— Moon Pie, in chocolate or banana, and a Coca-Cola.

— Snickers or 10,000 Grand candy bar, or Peanut M&Ms.

— Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies.

— Albanese gummy worms, which also are great if you're hiking, trail running or sitting in a stand or blind.

Mmmmm, a heat lamp roller Tornado for the drive to camp or the lake.
Mmmmm, a heat lamp roller Tornado for the drive to camp or the lake.


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