Sitka Introduces Women's Hunting Clothing

Sitka Gear brings high-end performance and scientifically-designed concealment to hunting clothing for women.

Sitka Introduces Women's Hunting Clothing

Over the last decade, Sitka Gear has established itself as arguably the market leader in high-end hunting clothing. The company likes to say it doesn’t make camo — it makes concealment patterns. That is, patterns designed to fool an animal’s eye rather than a human’s eye.

Sitka is based on a layering system — it’s intended for the hunter to build layer upon layer for effective performance without bulk. The company philosophy is straightforward: they don’t build all-purpose gear, because all-purpose gear inherently involves compromise.

Each item, from shirts to parkas to bibs and gloves, has a specific purpose.

Pink? Forget About It

For years, we’ve wondered if Sitka would ever break into the women’s market. And finally they have. In 2017, Sitka introduced not just a couple, but 16 items in its new women’s hunting line. Sitka engaged designers, developers, hunters and pattern makers — all female — to ask what they really want in performance hunting apparel.

The tagline is “Designed by women, for women, 100 percent Sitka.” That means that the hunting gear is made to fit women, but it’s Sitka Gear through and through. You won't find pink accent stitching, pastel logos or frilly designs on the zippers — just serious apparel that pulls no punches and doesn’t patronize.

The women's hunting line includes everything from jackets to bibs to pants to accessories and more. By offering pants in varying lengths, Sitka made a tremendous commitment to proper fit. Women can purchase Sitka pants with inseams ranging from a 25- to a 33-inches in 1-inch increments.

No more hemming your hunting pants!

Hunters will also appreciate cool features like GroundShield Technology (reduces conductive heat loss) and the oh-so-useful ponytail hole in the beanie.

The items in the whitetail-oriented line come in Elevated 2 pattern, while the big-game items come in Sitka’s new Subalpine pattern. Subalpine is specifically designed to conceal hunters from a distance of 50 yards and under when hunting from the ground in wooded terrain. Stalking elk up-close in the timber? This pattern is custom-made for that scenario.

Sitka says the women’s hunting line will be available in spring 2017 in sizes small to XL.


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