GRAPHIC: Shot Through the Heart, and Who's to Blame?

Surgeons in Turin, Italy, successfully removed a crossbow arrow that embedded in a man's chest and pierced his heart and lung. Yes, you read that correctly.

GRAPHIC: Shot Through the Heart, and Who's to Blame?

Surgeons removed this arrow embedded in a man's chest in Turin, Italy, after he was shot. The arrow pierced the left ventricle in his heart and left lung. (Photo: Ospedale Molinette)

Cupid shot arrows through hearts to spark love.

But the story's still unclear about a man in Italy who was shot through the heart and left lung with an arrow or why it happened. The report says the man sustained the injury "while he was handling a crossbow" and as the graphic photo shows, the arrow is deeply embedded in his chest.

The 47-year-old man lives in Aosta, which is in northwest Italy about an hour and 40 minutes drive from Turin. The isolated town is closer to the Switzerland and France borders.

Local police have not ruled out a suicide attempt. From the photo, the straight entry of the arrow indicates, though, he was shot by someone else or was holding a crossbow aimed at his chest. Either way, it doesn't appear accidental to anyone who's ever handled a crossbow.

The man was rushed to Molinette Hospital where surgeons in its cardiac unit removed the arrow and successfully repaired the damage. Reports said the arrow penetrated his heart's left ventricle and lung. The surgery was said to have been an "exceptional" operation but was a "complete success."



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