Reader’s Turkey Tactics Contest Winners

With spring turkey season in full strut, we asked our Facebook fans what some of their favorite tactics were for bagging a mature gobbler. Here’s what they had to say.
Reader’s Turkey Tactics Contest Winners
debra patton

Debra Patton

"Use a good call and stay still—even when they don't answer. This big tom came in silent!"

Jordan Lynch

"Pack a lunch! Birds off the roost are considered the "picture perfect" hunt, but birds throughout the rest of the day are just as exciting. So don't get discouraged if you don't have a bird on the ground by 9 a.m. Stay out there and be ready, turkeys are on the move all day long! We took this picture at 1:37 p.m."

Rob Newcomb

"Take a kid hunting!"

Tim Hennessey

"When I know where birds are roosted, I will sometimes go to a fallback location prior to hearing gobbles. A fallback spot is an area that I believe will be a likely strutting area. I’ll drop my vest and set up a few decoys. I’ll then be light and quite with only a seat, my gun and a mouth call. I’ll try to slide in as quietly as possible to the roost to get on a gobbling bird. I like this because when that doesn’t work, I fall back to my other area. I can move quietly then just get to the strutting area sit down in my setup and start calling. This only works with some scouting. This is what got this Illinois bird with a 10-inch beard and 1.3-inch spurs on the ground!"

Steven Wilson

"Best tip I got is: Get out there and scout them before setting up."


Charles Piotrowski

"Look for that beard before you SHOOT!"


Randall Cole

"During the late evening on windy day, nothing works like a box call. It will bring him in for some late loving."


Mike Harrison

"For late in the day on smart birds, I like to stalk close and call. I had a monster take three jakes and run 500 yards away. I sat still and he looped around by himself and bang—30 yards! Many times the big boys come in quiet later in the season."

Clay Iddings

My best tip is: "Take your kids out with you. Teach them young how to sit still, be patient, and its not always going to be a success."


Michael Crosson

"Take your car. Drive very stealthily to Safeway (grocery store). Crawl up the frozen food aisle ’til you get to frozen poultry. Bust out your AK-47, jump up and blast one of those Butterballs into oblivion. Done." (GVO: We don’t recommend the AK-47 part. It could lead to a lengthy stay in a concrete hotel courtesy of taxpayers.)


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