The post-hunt interview video we need more of these days

The post-hunt interview video we need more of these days

If you've ever watched press conferences from sporting or political events you know they're usually pretty dry, boring and lacking of any important substance.

Occasionally we'll see one that has some fireworks, but usually they're not too exciting. Politicians aren't going to say much that would come back to haunt them later. Athletes often are tired, mad or upset after losses, or if they win they'll "give them credit, they worked hard" in reference to the other team and otherwise not be too illuminating about strategy.

Catchin' Deers has some pretty funny videos that make light of our hunting community. It's all in good fun, of course, and it's good to laugh at ourselves now and then. Hunting is supposed to be fun, even if we're serious about whatever we're pursuing, and Catchin' Deers has tapped into that.

Check out this post-hunt press conference video and take a moment to chuckle. You might even lose focus and not connect. Hahaha.



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