"Mystery Animal" In New York City Finally Identified

A "furry and odd-looking" critter has been spotted running around the Bronx, and it's taken residents months to figure out what it is.
"Mystery Animal" In New York City Finally Identified

If you are a self-respecting redneck living in the Northeast or parts of the Northwest, you probably already know that the animal shown in the picture is a fisher. Fishers are part of the weasel family, prized by trappers in Northern locales for their prime winter pelts. They typically live in forested areas, are great tree climbers, and live on a diet of rabbits and small rodents, among other things. Interestingly, the fisher does not eat fish, but is one of the few predators known to regularly kill and eat porcupines.

Though fishers typically avoid heavily populated areas, one somehow managed to find his way all the way down to The Bronx in New York City. And wouldn't you know, he caused a bit of a stir, as local residents kept spotting a "weird" and "odd-looking" animal in the neighborhood. The local news reported that it was "scurrying at night and spooking people during the day."

The confusion started in April, when a police officer snapped a photo of the "mystery creature" after dark. More photos of the creature, which one resident said "looks like a skunk," started popping up. Someone eventually sent a picture to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, and someone there forwarded the photo to Roland Kays, the director of the biodiversity lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. Kays cleared up the mystery: It's not a skunk, or a possum, or a chupacabra. It's a fisher.

They could have saved a lot of time and speculation if they'd just asked a country boy from the North Woods.


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