Michael Waddell's Bone Collector Team Chooses Scent-Lok As New Clothing Partner

Hitting store shelves in the spring of 2015, the Bone Collector clothing line will feature products designed for any season and any condition.

Michael Waddell's Bone Collector Team Chooses Scent-Lok As New Clothing Partner

MUSKEGON, MI — On a June 30 trip to Scent-Lok offices here, I got more than a sneak peek at some of the exciting new product offerings the company has planned for the coming year — and they are impressive, to say the least. I was also given an insider’s look at the new far-reaching agreement between Scent-Lok and the Bone Collector team of Michael Waddell, Travis “T-Bone” Turner and Nick Mundt that will have the BC team collaborate with Scent-Lok in the design and marketing of a new premium line of hunting clothing featuring Scent-Lok’s Carbon Alloy — the company’s top-tier technology for odor elimination.

The Scent-Lok team asked that this news be withheld from the public until today.

I have known Michael Waddell for more than 20 years. We first met when we roomed together in a writer’s hunting camp when Waddell was filming for Realtree’s hunting shows. He’d already made a reputation for himself as a world-class turkey caller and hunter, but even then he exuded the kind of charm and grace that, when combined with his skills in the woods, made me think that here was somebody special.

Later, when he began appearing in front of the camera, America quickly agreed, and his shows became some of the most popular out there. Once Michael partnered with T-Bone and Nick and the Bone Collector show was launched in 2007, the team’s success skyrocketed.

The fame is all well and good, but so what? If you don’t live to hunt, if you have no skills in the woods, how can you help others become more successful, and how can you advise a company with the chops of a Scent-Lok to design clothing so that it will both become commercially viable and help the Average Joe become more successful on his or her precious days afield? The truth is, you could not. But what counts is that Michael, T-Bone and Nick do live to hunt. And despite their fame and success, when you meet them you quickly realize they are the same good old boys they were back when they were unknowns.

The team truly cares about the consumer, and are loathe to put their name behind products they wouldn't use themselves.

“To put our name and reputation on a line of products, especially clothing, was a huge decision. We looked at lots of companies, but Scent-Lok was far and away the best of them all,” Waddell said. “In addition to making the most durable and best-fitting gear, we know their patented carbon technology is unmatched in the industry.”

“We’ve always been a collaborative company when it comes to product design. Working with Michael, T-Bone and Nick will continue that tradition and help us provide the best gear on the market today in terms of form, fit and function.” said Pat Hylant, executive vice president of Scent-Lok. “Add their experience and our twenty-plus years of fabric design and we feel that this is a perfect partnership for the consumer.”

“The impressive thing to us here at Scent-Lok was that we did not actively pursue the Bone Collector team. They came to us,” said Nick Andrews, Scent-Lok’s vice president of marketing and advertising. “With their popularity and star power, the truth is they could have made a deal with any clothing company in the industry. But they chose Scent-Lok because they believe, based on their experiences in the field over the years, that our carbon-based scent control system is far and away the best system out there to help contain and control human odor, and that the way we build garments is on the top of the heap. We could not be more excited having them on board.”

Hitting store shelves in the spring of 2015, the Bone Collector clothing line will feature products designed for any season and any condition. It will include basic products such as six-pocket pants and cotton crew shirts to highly technical garments like seamless compression shirts and a soft-shell series fused with Scent-Lok activated carbon technology. The product lineup will also include odor-control liquids, socks, packs and storage.

“This collaboration gives us a chance to design a Bone Collector line of hunting gear that has everything we feel any hunter needs to be successful, from price to performance," Waddell said. "[We] can’t wait until it is launched to the public!.”

Since 2007, Michael Waddell’s Bone Collector has been one of the leading brands in the hunting industry as well as one of the flagship programs on the Outdoor Channel. The brand supports many licensees ranging from insoles to archery equipment. Many regard Michael Waddell, Travis “T-Bone” Turner and Nick Mundt as the collective voice of the hunting industry with their approachable style and relentless appearance schedule.

For more information on this new partnership, or a peek at the entire Scent-Lok lineup, visit the company’s website, www.scentlok.com.


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