How to Care for Taxidermy Mounts

Simple steps to ensure your taxidermy mounts remain top quality and your deer hunting memories are preserved for generations to come.

How to Care for Taxidermy Mounts

One of the first things to address when dealing with your taxidermy mounts is knowing where, and more importantly, where not to store them. As a rule, direct sunlight, heat and damp conditions should be avoided to maintain the best quality possible for your taxidermy. When mounts are exposed to direct sunlight, it can bleach or lighten the coat and antlers, removing the natural, lifelike color.

Be careful about hanging shoulder mounts in a garage or basement that tends to contain heavy moisture or isn’t temperature-controlled. It’s also important to be mindful of heat vents and fireplaces. Direct or too much heat can discolor and even affect the shape of a mount.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your deer mounts remain top quality and your deer hunting memories are preserved for generations to come.

Hair: When it comes to caring for the coat of your shoulder mount, you have a couple options. Start by using canned air or the blower function on your vacuum cleaner to gently blow off surface dust. Another option is a soft-bristled brush, but be careful not to apply too much pressure. Next, use a barely damp paper towel and brush the hair with the grain to remove any remaining dust.

Eyes: The most universally accepted method for cleaning eyes is Windex. Spray or dab Windex on a Q-tip and then wipe the entire surface of the eye. The Q-tip helps to be precise and prevents over application. After the eye is coated, follow up with a paper towel to make sure any excess is removed from surrounding areas.

Nose: The nose can begin to crack or dull if it isn’t cared for properly. Use a feather duster or canned air to remove any dust from the nose and nostrils. The key here is to be non-abrasive to maintain a realistic look and keep the texture intact. Depending on the look and style you want, you can add a little petroleum jelly to ensure moisture and maintain a slightly shiny or moist look. 

Bug-Free: Bifen is a liquid insecticide used to disrupt an insect’s nervous system followed by death. It should not be applied directly to human or pet’s skin. However, once the chemical dries, it is safe around humans and pets. For best results, spray from a bottle with a fine mist, covering the entire mount. Be sure to treat dark crevices such as antler bases, ears, nostrils and skin creases. It also works wonders on any materials used as habitat or scenes for your taxidermy that could attract bugs.


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