GRAPHIC: Bear Doesn't Want Selfie, Mauls Dumb Guy Who Tried

A cab driver in India learned that wounded bears don't like to be bothered after he approached for a selfie and was mauled to death.
GRAPHIC: Bear Doesn't Want Selfie, Mauls Dumb Guy Who Tried

Bears don't like being bothered for photos, as one man in India attempting to take his selfie with an injured bruin discovered in what turned out to be a gruesome ending.

Prabhu Bhatara, a passenger driver in Nabarangpur, located in a forested part of the Odisha area of India, was transporting some people from a wedding party. Bhatara was driving some passengers when they spotted a bear near a pond. The bear reportedly was wounded or injured and did not flee.

Bhatara got out of his vehicle to take a photo of himself with the bear, despite his passengers' objections. When he slipped near the animal it pounced, mauling and killing him.

Forest officials recovered the body after tranquilizing the bear.

Although blurry and shaky, the video is pretty graphic. Watch at your discretion:



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