First Glance: Realtree Edge

Realtree Founder Bill Jordan takes to the stage on SHOT Show’s opening morning to introduce the latest pattern.
First Glance: Realtree Edge

Camo is Bill Jordan’s passion. Yes, even after all these years. Jordan practically glowed on the Realtree stage on Shot Show’s opening morning as he talked about Realtree’s latest concealment marvel: Edge.

Jordan noted the pattern allows the hunter to blend into his/her hunting environment at close range via the natural elements in the pattern — elements that are arranged in such a way they actually disrupt the human form. And not just at close range. According to the Realtree team, the pattern is just as effective at a distance.

Realtree Edge

The backbone of the pattern is its warm grays and browns. Realtree went with this look because these two colors are found in the woods throughout the year. Also evident on the pattern is the wide variety of leaves and branches. The purpose of these leaves and branches, according to Realtree, is to help the pattern better match both the forest floor and the upper canopy. From ground to stand, Edge has you covered.

We all know shadows are a big piece of the concealment puzzle, and the Edge pattern showcases a number of strategically placed shadow pockets and highlights that allow the pattern to stay open at a distance, preventing the wearer from looking like a black blob.

Meanwhile, crisscrossing branches, limbs and a large, vertical, nondescript trunk help break up the hunter’s outline even during close encounters.

Realtree doesn’t just launch a new pattern to launch a new pattern. A new pattern only comes about when Jordan and his team are sure it will actually benefit hunters. This new pattern will no doubt be adored by the brand’s loyal following and should win over a number of new converts.

realtree edge pattern


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