A bulletproof desk calendar is here for your office

If there’s workplace violence and you aren’t carrying concealed, how do you protect yourself? A bulletproof desk calendar is a start.
A bulletproof desk calendar is here for your office

BulletInBoard, not Bulletin Board

No typos here — at least, not this time. Guard Dog Security is responding to workplace violence with an innovative idea that could benefit any employee, especially those who aren’t concealed carrying.

Guard Dog Security has created the BulletInBoard, a monthly calendar that is also bulletproof. That’s right — it’s a bulletproof calendar. It’s been tested and certified under level IIIA standards by the National Institute of Justice.

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The introduction of the BulletInBoard comes during a time when workplace violence and shooting shootings occur too often. The BulletInBoard weighs only ounces, according to Guard Dog’s website, and is ¼ inch thicker than a regular desk calendar. The calendar comes with flush-fabric hanging straps to allow you to hang it on the wall. Additional years for the calendar are also available, so you can keep the bulletproof protection while replacing the paper.

The BulletInBoard is available at www.guarddog-security.com and sells for $229.99.

How does it work?


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According to its site, Guard Dog is “committed to providing personal self-defense, security and protection for every day use with highly effective and affordable products.” Guard Dog offers items like stun guns, batons and bulletproof products. Also new for 2017 is Covert Belt Knife, which is a disguised quick-release knife buckle, and the “I Do Two” stun gun ring/flash light. For more information, visit www.guarddog-security.com.

What do you think of this unique product? Do you think it’s a good thing to have in a workplace crisis?

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