BREAKING: Sneak Peek At BOWTECH's 2015 Bows

Bowhunting World got an exclusive first look at the BOWTECH Prodigy, Boss and Fanatic, featuring the company's ground-breaking PowerShift technology.
BREAKING: Sneak Peek At BOWTECH's 2015 Bows

I love getting the inside scoop on exciting new archery products. Better yet, I love being able to leak a bit of up-to-the-minute information about those products to the shooting public.

Yesterday, an unexpected package arrived at my doorstep. The BOWTECH-branded box no doubt contained a bow, but what bow in particular? I had no idea.

Glazed onto the bow’s limbs were the words “BOWTECH” and “PRODIGY.”

Yep, that’s the name of one of BOWTECH’s racy 2015 flagship bows. Go nuts Googling it, Archery Nation. And though I can’t say much more, I will tell you the words “POWERSHIFT TECHNOLOGY” were also burned onto the inside of the limbs.

Let your imagination run wild.

Not long after, Bowhunting World, was given an exclusive rundown on the new Prodigy, Boss and Fanatic.

You read that right. BOWTECH’s set to release not one, but three new bows next week.

In addition to giving me the 411 on these new models, BOWTECH’s Jeff Suiter and Jason Arnold went step-by-step through the manufacturer’s patent-pending PowerShift Technology.

Sadly, for now, all I can mention is the name. But I will say that it’s a jaw-dropping technology that shooters are going to instantly fall in love with.

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