Bowhunting World looks at new products in the 2012 Buyer's Guide

What’s new? Bowhunting World’s annual Buyer’s Guide answers that with full coverage of the latest, greatest archery and hunting gear.
Bowhunting World looks at new products in the 2012 Buyer's Guide

What’s new? Bowhunting World’s annual Buyer’s Guide answers that with full coverage of the latest, greatest archery and hunting gear. What are the latest trends? What innovations are rocking the shooting world? We’re taking a look at…

The Bowhunting World crew shot virtually every new bow at the ATA show. Bow expert Rick Combs says that one of the trends is an increasing number of economy bows, and some manufacturers have done an amazing job of packing high-end features and cutting-edge technology into moderately priced bows. Lighter weight and versatility are on the increase. Find out what’s out there for 2012.

For those taking advantage of more crossbows seasons, Brad Strandlund provides an overview of the X-bows innovations you may want to look at before your next trip afield.

Tracy Breen says that bowhunters are becoming target shooters, and target shooters are becoming bowhunters. In response, sight companies are manufacturing bowsights built for both. In 2012’s sight lineup, some sights are more accurate than before. Some are lighter than before. Some are brighter than before. All are full of innovation.

A generation ago, Rick Sapps observes, bowhunters complained that deer “jumped the string.” The solution was to shoot a faster arrow. Now that the average speed of an arrow has increased by half, by more than 100 fps, arrow rest manufacturers have had to innovate to meet these new standards. Find out how today’s arrow rest, in its many dozens of excellent styles, is meeting state-of-the-art shooting.

Clothing is an essential component of any hunting setup. Brian Strickland explores the latest technological advances that get us closer to the game we seek. Never before has today’s bowhunter had it so good.

Speaking of advances, Strickland also explores the developments in release aids. Smoother triggers, dependable components, durability…that are all here in 2012’s releases.

Archery targets are changing as fast as bow technology is changing. As the speed of bows increases and crossbows become more popular, target manufacturers must rise to the challenge of stopping smoking-fast arrows. Tracy Breen looks at how target manufacturers are rising to the occasion with the latest and greatest targets out there.

There’s no doubt the modern treestand is getting more, well, everything, Clint Stone exclaims. More comfortable, more stable, more thoughtfully designed for easier setup, and, remarkably in many cases, more affordable. Ground blinds have followed suit, annually reengineered to whittle away at problem areas and limitations, making them more deadly effective and hassle-free.

There’s now a broadhead for every bowhunter. The problem now, Rick Sapp says, is deciding between dozens of styles, features, and claims. A purchasing decision might not be as simple as choosing between fixed-blade and mechanical styles, for the designs have literally exploded in intricacy.

Clint Stone says that, for arrows, 2012’s “wow” factor is in the details. There are ultra-thin, rugged shafts promoting deeper penetration and improved downrange energy retention. Improved arrow finishes not only provide a slick-looking appearance, but many of these advancements help arrows slide silently across arrow rests—one less thing to worry about while drawing on game.

What will lure ’em in? What will keep you comfortable during an all-day sit? Mark Melotik calls this the “year of the quiver,” but there are plenty of other cool gadgets, scents, gear, and more designed to make bowhunting more fun and successful. What must-haves do you need on your next bowhunt? Find out here.

Best of all perhaps, Bowhunting World Editor Mike Strandlund polls each of these experts and presents their opinions on which is the best of the best gear in each of these categories in From The Editor!

All this and much, much more are in the 2012 Buyer’s Guide. Check it out!


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