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No longer do you have to compromise weight for takedown power, now you can have both. The Ambush 6.8 is not only lightweight, it’s modular.

Rifle manufacturers often overlook the shooting comfort of the hunter. At Ambush Firearms we have taken everything into consideration. The adjustable butt-stock gives another way to adjust the rifle to fit you, no matter your size or the clothes you’re wearing. To further augment the Ambush 6.8, we have included modular rail sections and an adjustable indexable foregrip, enhancing your natural shooting position. Outfitted with a Geissele Super Semi-Auto two-stage trigger to decrease rifle movement, the Ambush 6.8 realizes its superior accuracy to take ‘em down in one shot. The Geissele SSA has a total pull weight of 4.5lbs, 2.5 lbs on the first stage and 2 lbs on the second stage. The pull weights and sear engagement are non adjustable.

The Ambush 6.8 features a monolithic upper rail platform allowing you to mount optics where they suit YOU best, not the rifle. The free-floating hand guard extends 12 inches protecting the barrel while giving you plenty of real estate for hand placement or accessories.

The Ambush 6.8 is finished in either MOSSY OAK® Break Up® Infinity™ or REALTREE® AP™ Camo patterns ensuring the rifle will be heard, but never seen. We carefully researched and configured
this rifle to suit the needs of modern hunters. With our lifetime guarantee, Ambush is the best choice for hunters.


Silencerco Saker

The 5.56 Saker is the most advanced rifle suppressor on the market. Packed with features never before offered in the industry, the Saker is yet another game changing product offered by Silencerco.

The Saker has an interchangeable front cap feature for different purposes such as a flash hider. The baffles are made from an exotic material that has never been offered in silencers and is approximately 30% stronger than Inconel. The Saker has several patent pending technologies that place it leagues above its competition. Made for durability, accuracy, and function, the Saker is Superior Silence.

If you’re looking for a great deal on the Silencerco Saker, or any other top silencer in the industry, be sure to check out for the lowest prices, fastest service, and best selection available.


1x-4x-24 Military Scope

As a leading supplier of optics to the military and armed forces around the world, Steiner has worked closely with Special Forces and international weapons experts in the development and design of its 4x Military Riflescopes.

The line of Military Riflescope includes five models which will meet a wide variety of tactical needs and applications. These models include: 1x-4x-24mm, 3x-12x-50mm, 3x-12x-56mm, 4x-16x-50mm and 5x-25x-56mm.

From their rugged 34mm tubes and world class Steiner optics to the specially design G2 Mil Dot reticle, these scopes set the standard for Steiner performance, quality and reliability. These three scopes share the same features such as 34mm tubes and 19.5 mils of elevation and 5 mils of windage adjustment, a specially designed illuminated, front focal plane G2 Mil Dot reticle and side mounted parallax/focus adjustment. Fully multi-coated optics increase contrast and edge-to-edge clarity for maximum visual acuity.

The windage and elevation knobs are designed for precise adjustment. The dials are calibrated so that 1 click = 0.1 mRAD. The windage knob, located on the right side of the tube, is calibrated for up to 5 mils of adjustment for both left and right adjustment. All adjustments are indicated by detents and audible clicks and hard stops at both ends of the adjustment range prevent shooters from getting lost on the dial.

For shooting at extreme distances, the elevation knob offers up to 19.5 mils and two revolutions of adjustment. The first revolution or 100 clicks are indicated by white scale on the knob. On the second revolution (101 to 195), a small elevation Rotation Indicator pops out at the base of the turret to remind the shooter to use the second scale indicated by grey numbers on the dial.

Parallax adjustment is located on the left side of the scope, letting the shooter make adjustments without removing his eye from the scope. These scopes also feature a large eye box for more comfortable viewing and faster target recovery after the shot. This turret also houses rotary illumination switch for the reticle. The switch has 11 intensity levels and a battery saver position in between each level. There are “Off” positions at the minimum and maximum ranges. Each level also has a detent to prevent unintended changes during use.

Like all Steiner optics, they are waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.

The 3X12-50mm with its lower mounting height makes this scope a good choice for use on police squad rifles or AR-style platforms. The 3x-12x power range is versatile enough for any scenario from close range to long-range sniping.

The 3x-12x-56mm features a larger objective lens and exceptional low-light performance. The wider field of view at 3x magnification is ideal for urban environments and tactical oversight

The 4x-16x-50mm is a versatile choice for most tactical operations. At 4x magnification, it provides a wider field of view for quicker target acquisition, while at 16x power this scope is extremely well- suited for long-range target engagement.

The 1x-4x-24 Military Scope will be the perfect optic for assault weapons and CQB engagements. With a true 1x magnification, the user can easily shoot with both eyes open for better situational awareness. This scope comes with a ballistic reticle for accurate ranging and target engagement beyond 600 meters. Windage and elevation knobs feature a “0” stop and 10 mils per rotation. Click adjustments are .1 mil. The reticle is also illuminated and unmatched for reticle visibility.

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Match Grade ammunition

Shoot to win with ProGrade Match Grade ammunition, rounds that in every detail have been built to extraordinarily meticulous and consistent tolerances — the tightest tolerances in the industry. Constructed to be superbly accurate for long-range applications, ProGrade Match Grade ammunition allows you to shoot the tightest groups possible giving you a competitive edge, and who’s not looking for that?

The experts at ProGrade understand that you select your ammunition based on what you are going to be using it for. Because of this they have chosen rounds that are the “cream of the crop” for each shooting category. Competitive shooters have different needs than any other shooter, and ProGrade has chosen an elite selection of ammunition to serve their specific requirements.

ProGrade Match Grade rounds are all hand-loaded in the United States and use premium components that are held to higher standards of consistency, leaving little room for inaccuracy. Match grade means every element is made to be as uniform as possible in weight, primer pocket and neck size. This means everything — from bullet weight and powder weight to brass thickness and case length — is as precise as possible. It’s this attention to detail that ensures shot-to-shot consistency and guarantees unmatched, superior performance.

Designed to deliver consistent excellence for those looking for a Match Grade round, the line features a variety of calibers. You’ll find Berger bullets in the Match Grade line, renown for their flat base and point bullet design which together produce the most dependably accurate shot for close to medium range shooting. Other bullet selections include premier manufacturers Nosler and Sierra, both built to provide the shooter with the highest quality, most consistent performing bullets possible.

ProGrade Ammunition has simplified the process of choosing the right ammo by hand selecting the best-of-the-best based on usage categories. With more than 250 variations in the complete line of pistol and rifle ammunition, ProGrade has created nine grades of product — Defense Grade, Varmint Grade, Cowboy Grade, Hunter Grade, Bear Grade, Range Grade, Match Grade, Safari Grade and Tactical Grade — for shooters of every caliber.

To learn even more about ProGrade’s full line of premium ammunition, contact ProGrade Ammunition,

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